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Comment Re:Wasted education... (Score 1) 44

I am assuming that the uranium you mentioned wasn't destined to get in a nuke, but still I am hoping that the next few generations will at least not be that interested in making stuff that blows other stuff (and people) up. There are an infinite number of questions and other stuff that can be done with improved education.

As far as the students and their interest go, It is Human psyche to be more influenced by something you admire and is unique in its way. So if they see their favourite game character talking about Baryonic Asymmetry etc, they'll most probably get on google for curiosity's sake.

Comment Shouldn't we assume? (Score 2, Informative) 671

If they are not answering, doesn't this mean that most of those functions are not available?

On a side-note though, I am still not getting the point of iPad. It's not an iPhone but runs its OS and its too big and expensive to just be an audio/video player to say the least. Probably I was impressed by Hitler, but still....

Comment OSS ftw. (Score 2, Interesting) 57

It is really pleasant to see more and more OSS projects which are being deployed at national level and large infrastructures.

Hopefully some less greedy company who benefit from such projects will start paying the volunteer developers. But then again, I have found that a lot of times if you are doing something as a hobby/interest/challenge, rather than because you were employed to do it, the outcome will be more refined and efficient. Though I have yet to experience the latter part first hand.

Comment Re:It might be true, but it's also irrelevent. (Score 2, Interesting) 192

I don't assume they included Wikipedia in the "user generated" category, otherwise that much non-bogus content would have definitely tipped the scale a bit.

In my personal experience however, even without wikipedia, I have not come across that much bogus stuff on forums and random comments.

Comment Re:Only if... (Score 1) 427

Is the "requirement" of wearing seat belts, not smoking near gas station and cars having ABS and airbags also fascism and a mark on freedom?

Continuing with driving analogy, every car needs to pass some safety, security and emission checks, otherwise it is not allowed on the road. If requirement is a strong word here (its not like I am debating in a courtroom anyway), you can replace it with "recommendation" in your head. I think I am going to exercise my right of free speech, just like you are expressing your thoughts.

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