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Comment French seeking taxes on personal info collected. (Score 1) 196

The question is, are the French people going to receive such monies collected? Granted, these big social media giants are benefiting from collecting personal data from their users, but if the French government then capitalises on them collecting, isn't the French government then guilty of the same? ..And wouldn't the French government then be plausibly seen as just positioning themselves to also get a "piece of the pie" they're slicing? O.o

Comment Total discouragement... (Score 1) 314

Wow! After reading all the commenting posts, which most of the information is way over my head, because I am just the average computer user, my situation not just seems bleak to get anything done about it, but it IS bleak and likely impossible. :((( I have a serious problem with a person with a masters in computer science who is stalking me, invading my privacy, and has been doing so for nearing 6 years now. Not only has this person invaded my computerS, but is also accessing my "landline" phone! It's apparent and obvious that the person has some sort of perverse obsession with me. Ex: He sent an email to a close "male" friend of mine that was totally degrading, insulting, and slanderous against me and then very soon afterward, my male friend's email account was "mysteriously" deleted. Ex: If a male person online gets too friendly with me, things will happen, like getting told that I've blocked them, when I did not. Ex: When "male" friends on Facebook placed gifts on my Facebook wall, they disappeared; sometimes even the male friends! Meanwhile, gifts from female friends were left alone. He has threatened me a number of times with, basically, if I didn't shut my mouth about what I know, he would have me thrown off the Internet, that he would permanently slander my name all across the Internet, which he is now doing and has been for quite some time. I've filed reports with the FBI (IC3 - Cyber Crime Unit of the FBI) and with my state police. But because he lives in a foreign country, apparently doing anything about it would be more involved than anyone wants to take on. I've worked with several techs from: Dell Tech Service, iYogi Tech Service, Kaspersky, AOL Techs, Verizon/Verizon Wireless Techs, to name a few, and I've been told by all that I have a SERIOUS problem. I do not understand "how" he is getting into my computers and my phone, but I KNOW he is. Since I haven't been able to get any help with this, I've learned to be my own investigator and so, I've saved and documented MEGA amounts of data that points continuously to ONE very common, "common denominator", who IS this "person of interest". I've started to put some of this data out there, but because I'm so discouraged I don't avidly work at it. In regards to my phone, however, here's a tip of the iceberg:
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Journal Journal: Just joined and I have many Q's about how everything works.

"Artsie_ladie doesn't seem to be particularly active."

hehe This is because I'm trying to figure things out around here and being a newbie, I have several questions, but as usual, I have questions that I can't seem to find the answers to, like "What's an Open ID and how do I obtain one? What's the purpose for this?" Why the term "Firehose"? I would put in my real name if I could find out how or where.

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