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Comment Re:MS did contribute to shit drivers (Score 3, Insightful) 594

So WDM is "ill conceived" just because it's *different*? You didn't really provide any other evidence, except to imply that MS just launched Vista one January with zero notice. Wake up, everyone who was making money selling hardware for Windows XP knew about Vista and WDM YEARS in advance. The implication that MS should institute OS-wide hacks like NDISWrapper instead of being allowed to change their ABI with years of advanced notice makes no sense at all, esp. since your evidence-free bitchings make me assume you're a linux user--someone who should know what frequent ABI changes are all about.

Where do you even think NDIS came from? Do you think it was the first driver API ever created? I guarantee some DOS network card programmers feel the same way about NDIS that you do about Vista. Yes, the fact that NDISWrapper works at all is a testament to good ABI specification and stability, but WDMWrapper will be just as good five years from now when you're trying to get your next gen of incompatible network cards working on you linux/bsd boxes*. You're welcome ;)

* threw that in for humor, Vista, etc. still supports NDIS 6.x+

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