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Comment What do you gain from this? (Score 4, Interesting) 125

Is there any reason to have highly customized hardware, which inevitably drives up the price in comparison to similarly capable products, rather than just using, say, a Chrombook? The integration seems more like a reliance when all the relevant information can simply be synched anyway.

Comment Re:APPS ?! They use APPS ?! (Score 1) 252

There is specialized equipment for that. I have the radiation detector in my Amazon wishlist. It's like $20 with free two day shipping. Or do you mean the military should develop a version that costs $50,000 each, when a small phone can do the same thing? Are you the guy who paid $10,000 for a hammer?

Comment Re:Translation is a copyright owner's exclusive ri (Score 1) 344

Totally wrong. If you have the disc how do you think you can mux in fan subs? The people using these are torrenters, not those that just bought a disc. Yes, there are ways to rip, transcode and remux, but be honest, we all know these subs are for pirated videos.

Are you kidding? Ever heard of VLC? You can play DVD or video files and use any subtitles you want.

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