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Comment Re:Analogy fails on all levels...'cuz oreos are or (Score 1) 150

Actually you do pay extra for double stuff. Fewer cookies fit in a package, and each package costs the same, so in order to get the same number of cookies you need to buy more packages. But at this point the analogies are completely lost and meaningless, much as they were to start.

Comment Re:For a "land of liberals"... (Score 1) 259

Democrats stopped being liberal about most issues a long time ago. Liberal has a real meaning, and Democrats only meet up with that on a few issues like religion, sexual education, women's reproductive rights, LGBT rights, etc. Everything else they're authoritarian, which is in direct opposition to the concept of liberalism.

Comment Re:Van Allen radiation belts (Score 1) 141

Thank you. I didn't realize it was so high on the ground. I know the technology for hardening is available, but clearly that costs money, and if patented that would add way too much for low threat situations. It makes a lot of sense for network technology, as you said, it has plentiful error correction and retransmission protocols as it is.

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