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Comment Re:Google != Microsoft? (Score 1) 186

The last big update I accepted from Microsoft made my HFS partition disappear and while it didn't hurt me, it broke thousands of webcams. It messed up some other things for me too, I just can't recall what they are. I rolled it back. Then again, I agreed to update my phone with Apple's beta updates, and iOS 10 v 6 is tight. My wife's super old iPhone could do the same thing. Your point sounds like it makes sense until the details come in.

Comment Re:How hard is it to find emails? (Score 5, Insightful) 525

This is totally false. Did you forget the 9 hard drives that simultaneously failed a few years ago? I read a nice article covering the odds that 9 drives would fail immediately upon request of the data on them, and the number of zeros before the decimal on the percentage was staggering. They did totally remove emails, just because it wasn't a delete icon on a mail client doesn't mean they were not destroyed as soon as someone asked for them.

Comment IPv6 early vulnerabilities proliferate (Score 1) 148

I'm really impressed that there have not been a lot more vulnerabilities exploited as IPv6 has grown in popularity. It was common in early supported routers to have all kinds of security on IPv4, but IPv6 was pretty close to wide open due to lack of understanding. With this kind of spread I'm sure the interest will rise soon. I have no doubt a lot of those old routers haven't gotten appropriate updates, and even if they have, the updates haven't been applied.

Comment Roll it back (Score 1) 220

I rolled it back for multiple reasons. The webcam was completely unrelated. NordVPN client wouldn't connect, and HFS partition disappeared. I liked half of the new features, but the other half were broken things. I can't work with an update like that when I'm not at home for half a year. Luckily it rolled back easily.

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