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Comment Re:No meat to this story (Score 1) 290

No one wants to use Native Client because it will tie the web to specific CPU architectures. Comparing this to ActiveX is appropriate in some way, because it puts additional restrictions on what devices can access the web. If Native Client had come of age at the same time as JavaScript, real smartphone platforms would be probably still not exist, since websites would require x86 processors to run. Intel has only recently announced x86 chips that can provide decent performance while fitting the power profile of a mobile device, and only after getting their ass kicked for many years as the mobile market has continued to grow.

Native Client works on ARM as well, but actually there is something called Portable Native Client, which is truly architecture-independent since it uses LLVM-bitcode as its binary format. Conceptually, you can think of Portable Native Client as the penultimate step in creating a Native Client binary. If you stop at the step right before you turn it into actual machine-specific instructions, you'll be left with LLVM-bitcode which is then distributed to clients. Before execution, the clients only need to complete that final conversion step to convert the LLVM-bitcode into actual machine instructions that are native to that particular client.

Read more about PNaCL here:


Submission + - Hands-On: Google Chrome OS Notebook Cr-48 (

An anonymous reader writes: Google has apparently begun sending out Cr-48 notebooks and they are not as ugly as initial pictures suggested. What seems to be most impressive is the strong focus on the browser as the UI as well as a redesign of the traditional keyboard. Otherwise, this notebook is about as locked down as it can be. Web apps is really all you can do with it. ZIP isn't supported, but then you know you would not be downloading a boatload of files to a cloud computing device anyway. I wonder what Microsoft is thinking about this notebook?

Submission + - Adobe demoes Flash running on Android Nexus One (

recoiledsnake writes: Adobe Evangelist Ryan Stewart has posted a video on Youtube that showcases a preview version of Flash running nicely on an Android Nexus on a variety of sampled sites on the Web. Streaming video of TV shows is demoed on the CBS and NHL web sites and a couple of games are shown running with the touch features working nicely. All the web pages and Flash content demoed are normal desktop oriented web pages and weren't optimized for mobiles. Coming on the heels of Android sales overtaking the iPhone and a possible anti-trust enquiry, will iPad and iPhone users that want Flash be able to opt-in for a Flash player App or will all of them be denied access to ubiquitous Flash content and video on the Web due to Jobs' mandate thus making the Appel devices even less desirable leading to more sales for Android phones and upcoming tablets?

Comment Re:Who gets to decide what the iPad is? (Score 1) 514

I don't need another device for doing "content creation". I already have one of those I use when I'm at work. When I'm at home or traveling, I want something light I can use to keep in touch with people and entertain myself; I'd rather carry an iPad than a 7 lb laptop.

That's the beauty of software; it wouldn't add any weight or bulk to the device.


Submission + - iPhone 4G Revealed? (

alaskana98 writes: Apparently a prototype of the forthcoming iPhone 4G has been found on the floor of a San Jose bar.
Somehow the folks over at engadget obtained pictures of the device and posted them on their site. The device supposedly sports
80 gigabytes of memory, a self facing camera and a new OS. Unfortunately, the device no longer boots.

If this is legitimate, some poor Apple employee surely must be losing sleep over this!

Media (Apple)

On iPhone, Searching For Kama Sutra = Porn 283

heychris writes "Eucalyptus, an ebook app for iPhone, has been rejected from the App Store for 'objectionable content.' What's so objectionable? The Kama Sutra, available from Project Gutenberg, which is available on other ebook readers as well. Not only that, but the screenshot shows that you would have to search for Kama Sutra to get it; it's not built in to Eucalyptus. The author is reasonable but frustrated, while Herr Gruber is more succinct." I wonder how good the now-cheap Nokia 810 is as an e-book reader.

Submission + - It's Official, the iPhone has been Hacked (iPwned) (

SkiifGeek writes: "It took them less than two weeks, but the researchers who recently gained a bootloader shell on the iPhone have now completely unlocked the iPhone, managing to escape the chroot jail that was halting forward progress. Despite the promise of their earlier bootloader work, it was a dead end when it was realised that code could not be arbitrarily loaded without signing by Apple's 1024-bit private RSA key."

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