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Comment Take a good look. Take a really good look. (Score 1) 89

Take a good look (if you can stand it) at the final HP death spiral and consider what would likely happen to the United States if Carly Fiorina finagled her way into the Oval Office. This isn't just partisan politics--I'd rather Trump, Jeb, Hillary or Jack the Ripper or Hitler's exhumed corpse than than her.

Comment Weekly Standard = neocon rag. (Score 1) 365

Owned by Rupert Murdoch, co-edited by Bill Kristol, featuring articles by all the usual suspects. Not to say the "invisible disclaimer" isn't there, but if it is it's just another one of the errors that need to be fixed by the contractors who built the Web site--unless someone is able to show where in the text of the ACA there's a clause repealing the HIPAA rules.

Comment Re:And why not in the US? Sounds like a breeder. (Score 1) 413

Well, "Dude"...I did in fact RTFA, initially hoping to see something about thorium or pebble-bed reactors. To my surprise, they're flogging is a "sodium-cooled fast reactor". That's something we've heard about before, except this time they conveniently left out the words "liquid" (before "sodium") and "breeder" (after "fast"). In our current world political climate, following Fukushima and with all the hand-wringing about terrorists and "suitcase nukes", no technology that makes plutonium is gonna fly.

Comment Fine time to be thinking about this... (Score 1) 547

I don't know if you've checked your employer's IT usage policy, but in general if it's a company computer, everything on it is company property. About the best you can do (assuming this isn't a "middle finger exit") is to talk with the IT folks and see if they'll be so kind as to wipe the disk after they've saved whatever work-related stuff they deem important. Most likely they don't give a hoot about anything NSFW (They can't fire you--you're leaving anyway) and they'll want to make sure it's gone because exposing other employees to it would be a liability for them. If it's a typical usage policy, they could indeed withold your last paycheck or even sue you for wiping the disk yourself ("destruction of company data") or for that matter for copying anything non-personal and taking it with you ("stealing company information" or "breaching security"). If you were dumb enough to store any personal passwords or sensitive personal information on it....well, it sucks to be you.

Comment Fine by me... (Score 1) 346

All my "real world friends" (including those I happen to be connected with on Facebook, LinkedIn and whatever the heck else) already know how to contact me. For all my other "Facebook friends" and the legion of advertisers with access to my Facebook contact info (not to mention any other merchants who seem to think they're entitled to my email even selling me stuff face to face) I'll be happy to have them hurl their spam down that bottomless pit Zuckerberg has been so kind as to provide, where I promise never to even take a fleeting look at it.

Comment The return of "I R Uh En-ga-neer"... (Score 0) 628

Considering Governor Scott's general mindset, it would appear that the objective is probably to create a school dedicated to turning out code pushers with wind-up keys in their backs, uncorrupted by access to a liberal-arts education. People who'll go to work every day and do what they're told, unencumbered by such pollutants as critical thinking skills or any awareness of some rather inconvenient parts of history.

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