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Comment Re:YouTube users now Google+ users (Score 1) 150

I'm not sure about this third-party report, but Google actually reports separate numbers:

- People who have Google+ profiles
- People who use Google+ features every month (including via other Google products)
- People who use the Google+ stream every month

At the beginning of December, those numbers were 500 million, 235 million, and 135 million (source: Given that we're now almost two months on from then, this new number (343 million) could be about right for those actually engaging with Google+, though not necessarily through

Comment Re:Can recommend Nexus again. (Score 3, Insightful) 359

I agree with you completely. The Galaxy Nexus was royally screwed up here in Canada, too. It wasn't available in the Play Store here. Samsung sold it through the carriers, but modified the firmware so that they, not Google, would be responsible for pushing updates. They behaved exactly as you would expect, introducing months of delay, and skipping several of the minor updates completely.

Of course consumers were never warned that they were buying anything other than "Pure Google", and many were rightly pissed. Their only recourse was to flash the original Google firmware, but that's not a reasonable thing to expect of the average consumer.

Watching it all, I was appalled. This wasn't the Nexus experience that I've been enjoying with my Nexus S. I'm so glad to see that Google was equally unimpressed. Verizon is out, Canada is back in the Play Store, and all's right with the world. And the price! Just wow.

Unless there's some giant hardware screw-up lurking, I will be recommending this phone to everyone. Alas, I fear that people won't understand the difference between an unsubsidized price and one that comes with thousands of dollars of contract commitment. $350 is more than $200, right?

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 145

Are you kidding?

The petition was five years ago. We have had two elections since then. Even though the same party won, this is a minister in a different government, twice removed.

And the supposed "reply" doesn't even address the particular case that was the subject of the petition, that of Nicaraguan refugee Alvaro Orozco.

Comment Re:7-inch? (Score 1) 198

"The definition of Retina Display..." Hahahaha, good one!

The definition of Retina Display is "the display on whatever new device Apple is launching."

Apple chooses different resolutions and densities for whatever reason (e.g. we still don't have a framework for resolution-independent graphics, so we're just going to double each dimension), and then calls the result Retina Display.

It's pure marketing BS.

Comment Re:Android is better (Score 1) 163

And by the time Nokia finishes yet another smartphone operating system (assuming they ever do -- abandoning part-way seems to be their forte), 600MHz and 128MB will be beyond low end.

Others are already eating their lunch on the low end with Android offerings. They hope to turn that around by taking on the expense of creating their own OS?

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