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Comment Re:Well, it is either her or Trump. (Score 1) 477

It seems that a significant portion of Sanders supporters are not willing to vote for Clinton no matter what. They either don't vote or vote for Trump. But Clinton supporters, on the other hand, seem to be willing to vote for Sanders even if Clinton lost the nomination.

I think it's a broader problem than that. A huge number of people in the US don't vote. I would argue that's because there's no candidate that would make any difference to their life. Sick child with no health care? Minimum wage job? No Job (remember it's official US government policy to keep unemployment around 5% so that there's no upward pressure on wages)? Reasonable tax rates for corporations and wealth individuals to cover education, infrastructure, etc.?

This is essentially the Sander's platform and former non-voters have been coming out to support it. Sander's has done well in any state with an open primary, and not so well in states where you had to specify well in advance that you wanted to participate in this particular lizard contest.

I contend that the vast majority of the non-voters are just not interested in spending their time when the outcome is, in their life-circle, the status quo. Whether there would be any change with ANY candidate is open for discussion, but clear the new Sander's voters feel it would be the case.

Comment Re:Well, it is either her or Trump. (Score 1) 477

There isn't a better side. The president is a cosmetic figure who doesn't govern day to day affairs. Someone who is changed every 5 years simply doesn't have enough time to become an effective administrator. Instead president has to rely on actual bureaucrats who implement what they want. And president's only job is to present those bureaucratic decisions to people and to convince them that those are good decisions.

Is that you Sir Humphrey? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yes_Minister)

Comment Re:All of the shitty code out there. (Score 1) 515

Agreed. I've met a significant number of "coders" who have no idea how networking works, even to the point of not understanding IP addresses. These are, presumably, the same people who write websites where the credit card number has to have the correct formatting (spaces, no spaces, dashes, etc.) It's 16 DIGITS. Anything that isn't a digit is not part of the CC number, if you don't get 16, or the checksum doesn't match you don't have a valid CC number. (Pet peeve, see also phone NUMBER)

Comment Re:All of the shitty code out there. (Score 1) 515

Just look at all of the shitty, shitty code that's out there. Any professional programmer will have encountered it. It turns out that nearly all of it is the product of these untrained programmers (they like to call themselves "autodidacts" to try to sound better than they are).

My experience is that most of that code is written by people who got a CS degree because they thought it was a good way to earn money. There's also a good body of such work from people who wrote the code because they had to and had some computer background (often IT or EE) but had no real aptitude for coding. The people who learned to code because they wanted to and would code if they had to work nights and weekends at McDonald's if they couldn't make a living coding, generally produce good code (there are CS,EE and a whole host of people in that category).

Comment Upcoming... (Score 4, Insightful) 217

Department of Homeland Security $18B over budget and 5 years late on a software designed to update personnel files. "(Big software consultancy) was supposed to have finished the new project based on (popular technology in 2016) in 8 months for $6M. Six years later the system is not functioning correctly, is full of security holes and is already obsolete."

(Big software consultancy) noted that there were minor changes in the specification but that they expect money to be thrown at the project more or less indefinitely. "We pay our campaign contribution requirements regularly and so see no reason why we should be held accountable for any delays".

Comment Re:No shit sherlock? (Score 1) 280

You DO need these studies because occasionally the data is completely the reverse of what common sense would dictate. This "cold mice don't loose weight" being a case in point :https://science.slashdot.org/story/16/02/19/2311250/study-mice-gain-weight-in-cold-temperatures-due-to-gut-changes

However, when the results do so accurately match common sense, what we don't need is a news item. There is still truth in the "dog bites man" non-news.

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