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Comment Man arrested for 1974 Spam-related homicide (Score -1, Offtopic) 374

BALTIMORE (AP) -- A man wanted for the killing of a civilian police employee in a dispute over a stolen can of Spam has been arrested, nearly 30 years after the shooting.

Michael Hughes, 58, was arrested in Boston last weekend for allegedly stabbing a man he thought was gay. Police then learned Hughes was wanted for the slaying of 40-year-old McKinley Johnson.

Johnson, who worked in the police department motor pool, was killed in 1974 on Christmas Eve. He was giving away homemade Christmas baskets inside a Baltimore bar, something he did every Christmas, said his former girlfriend, Helen Fogg, now 62.

Then a man stole a can of Spam out of one of the baskets, Johnson confronted him and was shot. "That's what made it so bad, him dying on Christmas," said Fogg, the mother of Johnson's 35-year-old son. "I was devastated. I was depressed for quite a while. I couldn't believe someone would take his life over something as stupid as a can of Spam."

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