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Submission + - Wozniak Says Charity Should Have No Strings (philanthropy.com)

ArrowBay writes: "Steve Jobs may have been mum on his philanthropy, but his Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, was anything but at a gathering of fundraisers last week, surprising many in attendance with his first public talk on his giving philosophy. “I would never give a gift that has restrictions,” he said, in an appearance at the AFP TechKnow conference, in Orlando, Fla. “I leave that to people who know more than me.”"

Comment Re:Welcome to real world (Score 4, Insightful) 542

Exactly so. If I remember my economics properly...

  • The average new small business closes shop in two years or less. Most of the rest close up within the first five years. Anything after that is likely to be a success.
  • There are thousands of new products introduced every month in stores across America. Better than 80% of them are failures. Most of the rest might achieve niche success.

OMG! The free market is a casino!

Comment Easy fix, no? (Score 2) 475

Seems like a little bit of black tape ought to fix the camera, no?

And how long will it be before somebody hacks it to transmit pictures of hentai (NSFW) back to the Illinois traffic HQ?

Or, more likely: how long before somebody hacks it to pick up the camera feed from unauthorized recievers?

Comment Re:NO TYPING! (Score 1) 204

True, contact lists and autocomplete should eliminate this... in theory.

In practice, there are legitimate holes in the system. Maybe you fatfinger the address when sending from your smartphone, where you can't access your contact list. Or maybe a colleague or client mistypes the address in an e-mail to multiple people, and then you simply "reply all" not realizing that address was wrong -- which sends the mail to the wrong address, but also gets your e-mail software to assume that's a valid address to add to your contact list.

It also has nothing to do with Windows, unless Microsoft is more omnipowerful than I thought...

Comment Every computer in the house, plus... (Score 2) 266

He'd have to search:

  • Every computer currently in the house.
  • Every computer that might have been in the house previously; e.g. old computers that were replaced in the meanwhile, as well as every computer of someone visiting the house (like a friend with a laptop).
  • Every computer that might have connected to the network via WiFi if the wireless router was ever publicly open, compromised, or had its password shared.
  • Every computer that might have been using the house's computers as proxies, whether by intent of the homeowners, unintentionally, as part of a botnet, or some other reason.
  • ?

Man, that's a lot of computers to search.

Comment Re:Of course he had a point (Score 2) 1271

While he never outwardly admitted it, he likely realized on some level that an idealistic approach such as his communism would not be able to stand up to the crushing weight of human want and corruption in a large country. Which is, of course, exactly what happened in Russia and China; neither of which ever accomplished true communism on a national scale.

Agreed. I always thought Marx knew that ideals would never come to fruition -- not even his ideals. Capitalism does not create greed; people do. Greed will exist wherever human nature exists.


Submission + - "Dice Age," Indie Gaming Project, vs. Hollywood (kickstarter.com)

ArrowBay writes: "Dice Age, a independent game project that raised nearly $35K through Kickstarter, is apparently facing some scrutiny from a certain movie studio that has produced movies with a similar name. From the latest project update: "As if the Ice Age was exclusively the name of a movie, or if Dice Age was a movie itself, the 20th century fox has just asked for an extent of time (till the 10-26-2011) to oppose to the registering of our beloved Dice Age game name. My point of view, as a scientist, is the Ice age is a geological era before it is a movie.""

Submission + - Senators Want Secret Warrantless Wiretap Renewal (techdirt.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A group of Senators are meeting in secret today, while most people are focused on the "debt ceiling" issue, in order to try to rush through a renewal of the FISA Amendments Act, which expressly allowed warrantless wiretapping in the US. The law isn't set to expire until next year, but some feel that the debt ceiling crisis is a good distraction to pass the extension without having to debate the issue in public. The meeting is being held in secret, but it's not classified, so people can demand to know how their Senator voted.

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