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Comment Re:EA got too greedy (as usual) (Score 2) 256

Not to mention when you do a fresh install, Steam can put my game library back onto my computer with all of the latest updates. And then there's also the Steam Workshop which can be extremely handy for modding, etc. I know some people bitch about Steam, but in all honesty I think some people just want to complain.

Comment Re:We can thank corporate America (Score 2) 282

Yours is the comment I was looking for, otherwise I was going to post the same. At one time you would go to work for a company and likely stay there for many years; if not for your entire career. But profits started to trump loyalty, not just for the employees, but for the customers as well.

Myself, I find the fastest way to get a raise is to move to another company within a few years. If a company has only a minor interest in your future, such as your paycheque, why should you offer them anything different?

Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 290

I used to use Rogers as well, and we could go over the cap and pay extra, but it was worth it at the time (several years ago). Then they said they were raising the costs, so we switched to another that had no cap at all. They actually called to see if they could keep me a customer, but as we went through the calculations they saw they couldn't match it.

Comment The Bigger Challenge... (Score 1) 237

...is no longer scientific, it's political. Money and resources are thrown away on useless endeavors such as NSA projects, Piracy, bailouts, etc while humans sit here on our apathetic asses and can only dream of our former dream of space exploration that was actually going somewhere at one time.

Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 275

Your comment was my first thought as I read this article, and I had to read down through the comments to see if it was already posted. Blatant hypocrisy, oh sure I can appreciate most companies engage in it, but Microsoft really tried hard to make themselves sound so different.

Comment Re:Oh Canada... (Score 1) 205

As a Canadian I don't believe that the US has more stupid people than any other country. I do believe the stupid attracts the media however, and where the US has a lot of it the overall message is less than complimentary. When you see shows like Honey-Boo-Boo being aired some people will try to tie the entire country to that level.

Comment Re:Oh Canada... (Score 1) 205

As a fellow Canadian, I grow tired of the Cons endless media spin. Their attack ad focused on taking what was said into the absurd. While I'm not a Liberal supporter, not a Con supporter either mind you, but the facts behind the quotes are nowhere near what the Cons are trying to say they are. It's real lunacy. This trainwreck of a government really needs to go away.

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