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Comment Right tool for the job (Score 1) 331

I routinely work on iOS (Swift, ObjC, some C), Android (Java, some C/C++), Xamarin (C#), Java Server, and .NET server. Lately we've been using Swift 3 server for some POCs. On the mobile side, you have very limited choices.

You can do native, which means Java on Android and Objective-C and Swift on iOS. You can do compile-to-native, which for me is C# on Xamarin, compiled to the native languages (C on iOS and C#Mono to JNI to Dalvik on Android) You can do Web-UI or Pseudo-UI with tools that work off Javascript such as Phonegap, Fiori, Titanium.UI, etc, but these generally lead to poor user experience.

On the server side, your choice is generally dictated by whatever the architect who designed it decided in the beginning (if you are lucky, this was you). Everyone comes in and wants to rewrite the ancient thing that sits on the backend, but it's often not worth it. I love J2EE but it's not what I'd recommend today for a new project. We're actively exploring Swift on the server, but it's not really production ready yet and won't be until the fall at least.

Comment Re:Good for them. Techies take note! (Score 1) 189

If IT and software development were unionized, or better, entry was controlled by a professional organization, people would have a better quality of life.

I think you're doing it wrong if that is your experience. My company treats developers like kings. Free snacks, unlimited vacation, $5k in training every year, a week of paid leave to volunteer at a charity of your choice.

Unions seem like a good idea for unskilled or commodity labor that cannot command reasonable compensation as an individual, but in high-skill positions collective bargaining only hurts the good developers. I know I wouldn't be happy making the same thing as everyone around me if I think I am better at my craft.

Comment Re:They can't lead in market numbers forever (Score 1) 239

How can Apple increase market share? If they had a removable battery, expandable memory, and allowed direct filesystem access, this geek may consider it.

None of these things will add even 1% market share. Not one person in my family could tell you how much RAM is in any device we own besides me (and on some of the tablets I couldn't tell you). We have five laptops, two desktops, four tablets, and four phones. Geeks are not the way to increase market share. They represent a microscopic fraction of a percent of all users.

My wife uses an iPad 3. I got her an iPad Pro for Christmas. The things I am concerned about are printing, durability, battery life, and integration with the rest of the home ecosystem. Meanwhile my son's Windows 10 tablet just "lost" its wi-fi radio -- that has never, ever happened on any Apple product I have ever owned.

Comment No (Score 3, Insightful) 607

If a "professional organization" means some sort of stupid union, then no. Unions did not prevent outsourcing of US jobs, and cannot. The reality is, if you want substandard work on the cheap, you're always going to get that in India. As my boss says of our products, "(software) products without revenue are built in India, products that make money are built in the US".

We do all the design work in the US, because our 250+ Indian counterparts cannot design anything correctly. They code by trial and error. You'll never have a best-in-class product that way. We just give them menial coding tasks, and even then 1 US engineer is as productive as 3 in India.

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