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Submission + - Why GREAT games aren't the best for us

An anonymous reader writes: An interesting read to all gamers.
Why does the new Command & Conquer feel old? Why aren't GREAT games the best for the gaming market?

playREACTION writes an interesting article about the author's feelings why GREAT games are damaging to all other games that don't make the par.

Here's a snippet:
Have you had the pleasures of trying out different massively multiplayer online games? Lineage II, Eve online, Guild Wars, Star Wars Galaxies, ArchLord, bla bla bla. You automatically compare them to the crowned champion, WoW. And they fall out of the skies quicker than you can say 'Peter's paladin's profession'. We know it's healthy for Blizzard's bank account, but is this healthy for the gaming market? I tend to think that we shouldn't give all our money to Blizzard just because they deserve it. We should also give some to the rest so they can actively compete with WoW with new ideas, gameplay, graphics etc. How can you compete with WoW when your development budget is less than WoW's population rate? The games industry is suffering because of this.

Read the full article at

Comment Still Don't Trust The Fish (Score 5, Funny) 227

As someone who grew up in New Jersey, there were many lakes that had those little guys swimming all over the place...

And there isn't a change in hell that I would drink any of the water in those lakes. Those fish are survivors, and although I am not a scientist, I could only conclude that the fish in the lakes nearby had to have gone through some type of resistant mutation... That really doesn't help my confidence in the safety of the water.

I say use goldfish. Those little bastards take one day of me forgetting to feed them to go belly up.

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