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Comment Re:Need more info ... (Score 1) 245

Well, depending on the provider I don't think that they will penalize the users... I have one that I actually got from t-mobile for "free" (i.e. I had to agree to staying with the carrier for 2 years). But it works well to keep some signal for us in our house.

They won't give you one if you don't have at least 1 bar of signal some place in your house, and they won't give you one unless you have a standalone house that you live in (i.e. no apartments).

The device I have is a two piece setup.. I have a receiving antenna that I have to place wherever in the house that I can get the best signal for it (for me, its on top of a cupboard in my kitchen angling out a window past our neighbors 2 story house), and another piece that is somewhere else in the house that does the rebroadcasting of the signal that our cell phones connect to. Normally I don't get any bars anywhere in the house on my cell, but with this running and in the same room with me I get 2-4 bars.. latency is horrid, but it seems to work well to get me on the system.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 3, Informative) 221

Do you check all atms, gas pumps, etc that you use for card skimmers? , and

They are getting pretty good at making realistic ones. And in some cases have gotten them inside gas pumps.

Comment A front end framework helps too (Score 1) 409

Regardless of what back end language you pick, a good front end helps a lot. I have found the twitter bootstrap package to be very helpful..

You can find it at:

They have a nice dynamic setup you can use that allows your page to collapse down to be easily usable by phone browsers, tablets, etc... It also gives you a good display framework to start from to ensure consistancy of your user interface.. and since the display is css based, you can tweak it how you want.

Comment Re:Stupid slope (Score 2) 440

And in some areas shooting to wound and not to "stop the threat" can put you at risk of being arrested... you aren't supposed to use your lethal force for "malicious wounding" (as I have heard it referred to by an instructor), but just to stop the threat of imminent bodily harm or death to you or another (and that "another" is a sticky situation too unless you know all the particulars)

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