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Comment Re:It looks like a response to anti spam laws (Score 2) 145

This right here.
It's actually kind of amusing to see these companies that you contacted ONCE and hence start giving newsletters - now they're all begging to continue spamming me. Ironically, some are spamming me to get permission too spam me... lolwhut

It's been awhile since I've seen a law passed that HELPS the little guys, even if it's just an annoyance like spam.

Comment Re:Article is totally misguided. (Score 1) 593

I'm not entirely sure that's the "Asian Way", nor your perception of it to be "best".
I have no idea what you're driving at to be honest. Having leisure time is completely different from say thug culture of punishing those who do well in the sciences. This lazy American culture you seem to lament encompasses multiple cultures. I know lots of black people who like to kick back and watch tv, drink beer.. you know.. be lazy on their leisure time. I know lots of white people.. chinese too.. some thug-ish, some stand up clean cut people. I have no idea what point you were trying to make.

Comment Re:Article is totally misguided. (Score 1) 593

I don't think that's quite the point, though I see what you're getting at.
Thug culture preventing people from excelling in sciences (or really anything).. that's bad for anyone.
Asking an asian to do worse.. what? Driving yourself to not excel is generally a bad thing, asian or not. Pointing such out shouldn't hinge on your skin colour either.
Should we urge that culture that could be doing better, TO do better? Absolutely.

Comment Re:In-window popup autoplaying video ads with soun (Score 1) 557

I'm with you here. The others are right, adblockers, noscript, that whole noise is a good idea.
I'm at work, where I haven't gotten around to patching up my browser with the aforementioned. Definitely alot more ads roaming around. If I saw that video ad I'd be just as disgusted. So .. get yourself them plugins. You get this .. uh.. 'discussion' without the obnoxiousness..well not from the ads anyway.

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