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Comment Only 2 to 5% nuclear (Score 4, Informative) 298

I'm from Belgium and on my electric bill there is a list of energy sources from which my electricity is made of. Nuclear only has a 2% portion. Most of the energy comes from renewable energy. And that's even for the standard energy plan, and not the green energy plan, my provider is offering. Even the largest energy provider, Electrabel (which is in French hands: GDF Suez), only uses about 5% nuclear for their energy. Most people think of nuclear energy as being clean. And that's true as there is no emission of damaging gases or something. But what about the nuclear waste that has to be stored for a few thousands of years (although this is only a theoretical assumption). We can't keep shoving our problems into the ground and putting them off for later. It's time to start thinking of the future.

Comment Real problem? (Score 2, Interesting) 833

I think the real problem is the distribution the netbook manufacturers deliver with their netbooks. Like the ASUS EEE for example. It has a complete custom interface that people aren't familiar with on notebooks or PCs. Also every manufacturer delivers another distribution. Why don't they all deliver Ubuntu on their netbook? It is the most standard distro at the moment and it has a more familiar look and feel for most people.

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