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Comment Re:Hey - let us feel good for a change! (Score 1) 309

+1. I don't know if the majority of Slashdot readers really understand the scale of this effort. Indian administration is generally poor at a lot of things - but the Pulse Polio Programme (see has been a true success. Most middle and upper class population rely on private practitioners for their medical needs because of overcrowding, poor serviced and rampant corruption at Govt hospitals. However, participation in this particular programme was close to 100%. My daughter was administered the vaccine in a booth at the corner of our street for every Pulse Polio drive and I continue to be surprised how efficiently this is done. The only comparable exercise is the way elections are run in the country.


Submission + - Is "Left" vs. "Right" hard-coded into your brains? ( 2

kyjellyfish writes: Research published in the journal PLOS ONE (, suggests that your parents "Left" or "Right" party affiliations are not the only factor at work shaping a person’s political identity. Differences in opinion between "Lefty's" and "Righty's" may reflect specific physiological processes, and claim that politics isn’t the only influence causing structural changes in the brain. In research performed over 10 years ago, brain scans showed that London cab drivers’ gray matter grew larger to help them store a mental map of the city.
United Kingdom

Submission + - Researchers develop computer that doesn't crash ( 2

nk497 writes: "Researchers at University College London are working on a computer that can repair itself to prevent crashes – instantly recovering and fixing corrupted data. The researchers said that their computer combines its instructions with the data it receives so that it can adapt the instructions to match changing circumstances, by sending data sets off to separate "systems" within the computer. The result is that instead of crashing and rendering a screen of death, the system accesses the data from another of its self-contained systems to perform the operation, and then goes back and corrects the corrupt data.

"Its processes are distributed, decentralised and probabilistic. And they are fault tolerant, able to heal themselves,” said UCL computer scientist Peter Bentley. "A computer should be able to do that.""


Submission + - Linaro speeds up Android (

Argon writes: "From the article:

"The folks behind the Linaro open source software project have put a little time into tweaking Google Android to use the gcc 4.7 toolchain. The result is a version of Android that can perform many tasks between 30 and 100 percent faster than the version of Android Google 4.0 Google currently offers through the AOSP (Android Open Source Project)."

Note that there are CPU optimizations only since they have only access to binary blobs for GPU code."

Comment Re:C too complex? Hilarious. (Score 1) 878

> hmm... did you miss the part where the guy also bitched that interpreted languages are "too slow"?

You know "the guy", happens to be Rob Pike, _the_ Rob Pike, co-author of the "Unix Programming Environment" classic? Also the "Practice of Programming" book and the co-creator of UTF-8. He also wrote one of the first C style guides: I'd say he knows a thing or two about programming languages; especially C.

Submission + - I believe in God

Argon writes: 1. Yes
2. No
3. I am agnostic
4. I am god

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