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Comment Futurism at it's finest (Score 1) 182

Classrooms of the future will be with PCs

... with iPads

... with Oculi Rifts

Funny. I see more and more parents sending their kids to anthroposophy-based schools, even though they don't care for Rudolph Steiners's theories. They want their kids to get in touch with the real world. Even parents in Silicon Valley demand that computers are shunned from the lower grades of elementary schools.

Comment Based on what? (Score 1) 310


We're hearing reports of very young children who are arriving into school quite unable to concentrate or to socialise properly because they're spending so much time on digital games or social media.

Is the Teachers Union's claim based on science, or formed by rumour and through projecting their own development without computers onto the current youth's?

Comment Could be worse (Score 1) 191

It's anecdotal, but some students recorded my lectures using their webcam and failed miserably with their exams. Moreover, some were very persistent in requesting the lecture syllable to be placed on Blackboard prior to the lecture, not show up for the lecture at all and afterward complain that certain exam questions weren't valid because they weren't addressed in the syllable. Yet, no matter how you take your notes, attending lectures is the least efficient way to learn. Giving lectures, on the other hand, is the most efficient way to learn. Many universities have based their teaching method, problem-based learning, on this principle

Comment "it's also a smart visual explanation of why..." (Score 4, Insightful) 276


"it's also a smart visual explanation of why the future of technology so often bears so little resemblance to anyone's predictions"

No, it's not an explanation at all. It was intended as a metaphor for miniaturization of electronics. Noone in their right mind would take a full QWERTY keyboard with keys the size of pin heads literally.

Comment "... so self-aware that ..." (Score 2) 641

The group argues that cognitively advanced animals like chimpanzees and dolphins are so self-aware that keeping them in captivity—whether a zoo or research laboratory—is tantamount to slavery.

On what basis do they draw the line of 'the amount' of self-conciousness between chimps and humans on the one hand and other primates, such as orangutans, gorillas, bonobos, on the other? Have they even quantified it at all? And what about dolphins and elephants?

Comment There more being wasted (Score 2) 316

In science, a lot of time and resources are wasted on testing ideas that other scientists had tested before, but who never published the results, simply because they weren't spectacular enough. Even though some negative results are obfuscated in papers reporting findings 'more worthwile' reporting, and even though some of the negative results are discussed at science meetings, many scientists have been trying to reinvent the wheel. Now how much is wasted? I don't know, but the result could be shocking.

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