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Comment Re:Will increase risks of theft and cargo hold fir (Score 1) 249

All of this it doesn't make sense as the hand luggage is screened more thoroughly than the checked in luggage. On the x-ray they can see exactly what is inside the laptop.

Also on some airlines you have to have batteries in your hand luggage so this gets very confusing. On my last flight from Bangkok, they went through all my luggage to find some batteries which they "saw" on the x-ray. I only had 2xAA batteries. Chaos of regulations.

Comment Re:Thank's for the help I know you will give (Score 1) 113

Usually it is completely infuriating. Sometimes I get a rotation with one of the ship captains and this guy is impossible to work with. His sentence structure is:

"Do this job X thank you."

Usually X is not even my job, and secondly this "thank you", means exactly as you said: "you are going to do it anyway".

Fcuk these bastards.

Comment Re:Second that (Score 1) 477

I understand exactly what you are thinking. The problem here is that there are no traditions nor culture anymore. We had many different traditions and cultures all over the country, and was pretty fragmented.

The war came in the 90ies and everything went upside down. Massive post war emigration, then the immigration from B&H, internal migration etc. All those people bringing their own culture/traditions and not even trying to fit in with the locals. Actually it is the reverse. They are trying to push their traditions on the locals.

A lot of those people were living pretty much like in the middle ages until last couple of decades when cars came into their isolated regions. So you have a situation where everyone hates each other's guts; you have a mix of many different traditions in different areas.

At the same time there is some kind of quiet push from some influential people who lived in US or Canada for americanization of some stuff. Namely academia and medical aid. Heck, even some of our weddings are some ugliest frankensteins of local and american traditions in the last years. And some people would say: "well it is a tradition". BS it is!

All that culture and tradition went down the drain. We're living in a time of anti-intelectualism, anti-culture and complete disrespect for other human beings.
Sorry for ranting.

Comment Re:Is Microsoft really the one to give orders? (Score 1) 171

I think "race to the bottom" meant something else in the GP's post. The market was stale and pumping out shit hardware. Very low specs, poor quality etc. For example, the display resolutions were getting lower and lower, and battery life shorter and shorter. There was no product in windows hardware that other manufacturers wanted to strive to. Consumers didn't even bother anymore, because buying $300 crap laptop was the norm. I agree that the computers are just tools, but those tools cannot be made from toilet paper, some baseline has to be made.

So with that ultrabook/air and surface line of products the market did get products which were good (at least in theory), and buying $1000 laptops didn't sound that bad anymore because you were getting relatively good stuff.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm just cheap. (Score 1) 315

I don't see logic behind this.

Aren't you a professional? And professionals need professional tools.

True, everything could be done with a cheaper tools/laptops, but why? I would rather do it more pleasantly with spending more. After all, we are not talking here about ten or hundreds of thousands.

Comment Re:Gas Chamber ruins integrity of lock (Score 1) 285

If it is anything like a pepper spray I wouldn't agree with you. I got sprayed once with a very slight amount in a theatre (don't ask) and I thought that I was going to die. It provokes terrible body reactions and you have a feeling that your lungs, throat, eyes and mouth are on fire. Absolutely terrible feeling and you stop what ever you are doing just coughing, crying and gasping for air which burns even more. It is vile through and through.

So if this gas released by the lock is similar, I do see a point about stopping thief with the smell. Of course, a gas mask will defeat this, but well, maybe they will just go and steal some other bike.

Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Epson EcoTank) (Score 1) 387

My dad has one of those and its great. That ink lasts forever. He has it for couple of years now and he only added ink (which is cheap) recently. And he prints in color fairly often so I was actually very surprised when he told me that he only just now both new ink bottles.

It prints as well as on the first day so I cannot recommend this line of printers enough.


Comment Re:Most apps I see are trash (Score 1) 278

And what I hate the most that you pay the full price of some application and then couple of months later they release new "major" version and they want the same amount of money again. Hey, I already paid you those $10, I'm not paying again. But at the same time, the old version gets abandoned and that's it.

I completely agree with you though, just saying that it all depends on the developers and their integrity.

Comment Re:What's the problem? (Score 1) 586

Quite so. Sometimes my company's cruise ships get chartered by some big companies. So they all come here to drink themselves stiff and have fun. It is usually a "conference", but it just a normal cruise where everyone drinks themselves silly because everything is free. An yeah, they have a lecture or two, without much attendees.

Comment Re:So what you are actually saying... (Score 2) 233

It is not much about the capacity of the batteries which are pretty constant in the last couple of years. The flight time is function of weight and energy efficiency with the battery capacity being constant. In other words, if you add battery capacity, you add weight and then the drone doesn't necessary fly longer.

It is quite cool that DJI's line of Phantom models went from like 6 min flight time (with FPV) to 28 min flight time (with FPV, 3 axis gimbals, camera, collision detection and avoidance, much longer range etc) with basically the same outer dimensions. Quite astonishing really to have this in 2-3 years.


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