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Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Epson EcoTank) (Score 1) 387

My dad has one of those and its great. That ink lasts forever. He has it for couple of years now and he only added ink (which is cheap) recently. And he prints in color fairly often so I was actually very surprised when he told me that he only just now both new ink bottles.

It prints as well as on the first day so I cannot recommend this line of printers enough.


Comment Re:Most apps I see are trash (Score 1) 278

And what I hate the most that you pay the full price of some application and then couple of months later they release new "major" version and they want the same amount of money again. Hey, I already paid you those $10, I'm not paying again. But at the same time, the old version gets abandoned and that's it.

I completely agree with you though, just saying that it all depends on the developers and their integrity.

Comment Re:What's the problem? (Score 1) 586

Quite so. Sometimes my company's cruise ships get chartered by some big companies. So they all come here to drink themselves stiff and have fun. It is usually a "conference", but it just a normal cruise where everyone drinks themselves silly because everything is free. An yeah, they have a lecture or two, without much attendees.

Comment Re:So what you are actually saying... (Score 2) 233

It is not much about the capacity of the batteries which are pretty constant in the last couple of years. The flight time is function of weight and energy efficiency with the battery capacity being constant. In other words, if you add battery capacity, you add weight and then the drone doesn't necessary fly longer.

It is quite cool that DJI's line of Phantom models went from like 6 min flight time (with FPV) to 28 min flight time (with FPV, 3 axis gimbals, camera, collision detection and avoidance, much longer range etc) with basically the same outer dimensions. Quite astonishing really to have this in 2-3 years.


Comment Re:People don't realise (Score 1) 232

What 3D is great for is giving you a sense of scale. Say character - building scale. There is a scene in Avatar when they are about to land first time on that planet and they are flying over some open space mine. There is a huge machinery doing the work and I was just blown away how you get a sense that the mine is huge and that machinery is enormous. Sometimes you get a feeling that you are kind of being there on that planet yourself.

I've watched the movie in 2D again, but that didn't give me the same sense of scale. It was like, well watching a movie with cool CGI.

Comment Re:Dumb Article (Score 1) 267

But seriously... What's the real functional difference between the Lenovo X series and the Macbook Air? Besides the logo?

Not OP but, I had some time to play with a x1 carbon (first version) two years ago and it was definitely much worse than my then 3 year old macbook air.

For start the trackpad was unusable. Yes it was that bad. Keyboard was definitely better than Air's but not *that* much of a difference. I never saw a laptop with a keyboard which was unusable though.

Display was not so much better, cannot remember anymore. And I hate 16:9 screens.

Battery life was poor. Windows performance was also not as expected because it was full of Lenovo programs.

So yeah, I definitely can say that the experience was not so great. I hope the last gen is better though. The second gen had strange keyboard layout and non-physical F buttons (which is a bad joke). And also terrible trackpad IIRC.

Comment Re:Or we could stop being afraid of death. (Score 1) 692

For thousands of years humanity has had a pretty comfortable relationship with death (even two hundred years ago there were 'wakes' held in the family home for several days in many developed nations). Historically, attempting immortality has tended to go hand in hand with delusion, disconnection from reality, and/or mental illness.

I think its the other way around. People throught the history were usually very religious. Religion was/is a way to cope with loss of loved ones, death and offers a consolidation in a concept of afterlife. So the guy who was going in a dangerous war campaign, fishing in the open sea etc at least had a "guaranteed place in heaven/valhalla/zeus's dinner table". I think the natural state is to be afraid of death, or have a great aversion to it.

Nowadays people are not so religious anymore (at least in the developed world), or are pro-forma religious and highly doubt all the stories about afterlife. No wonder that as you get older (from adulthood) you are absolutely averse to death.

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