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Comment Work for Your Team (Score 1) 261

If you believe that you are there to support your team then you've cracked it. Everything else flows from this. e.g. protecting your team from pressure from other departments, not harassing them with pointless processes, letting them choose what to work on as much as possible etc. I once worked for a great manager who simply called you into his office once or twice a week to ask what you were working on and whether you needed any help. He'd keep track of what tasks needed doing and let the team pick tasks for themselves. If anything was left over he'd assign it to someone. Good luck!

Comment Good for small businesses? (Score 5, Informative) 169

This might be a great thing for small software companies. At the moment, they can't possibly afford defensive patent portfolios. This makes them extremely vulnerable to malicious suits from big companies that want to squash them.

Being able to buy a slice of protection from IBM would eliminate one of the biggest risks that small developers face. Of course, small companies can't pay millions of dollars in legal fees. IBM will have to offer to defend their clients in court in order to make this work.

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