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Submission + - OSX 10.6.2 to block Atom processors ( 1

Archeopteryx writes: "According to Wired's "Gadget Lab" blog, the next update to OSX "Snow Leopard," which will be 10.6.2 will block the Atom processor and will disable many "Hackintosh" netbooks. Indeed it is true that OSX will run just fine on some netbooks if you install the right drivers and ktexts, but Apple's EULA has always specified that the license was applicable only to Apple hardware. There have always been processor types specified in OSX and that has to be worked-around now for those who want to use an Atom or similar non-Apple-adopted processor, so this is likely no more than a hiccup on the road for the OSX 86 crowd.

BUT, it raises the question; Is it time for Apple to sell a license for non-Apple hardware — priced accordingly of course — for those people who want OSX on platform types Apple has not yet adopted, like the netbook?

The only reason OSX is not on my Eee is that I want to comply with the licensing terms, and wish I could just pay for a license to use it."

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