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Comment Re:What a stupid thing. (Score 1) 115

Who gives half a shit how many line items are on their debit/credit statement?

Amazon does. They don't want to pay processing fees running nickel and dime transactions. This isn't about any benefit to the end customer, Amazon just needs to spin it that way so people will use it.

Comment Re:throttling, crappy HD quality, is why I downloa (Score 1) 235

If vast quantities of people dropped their cable TV subscriptions and instead downloaded or streamed video over their internet pipe speed wouldn't drop? That's an interesting assertion. You are saying that Comcast (for example) would be able to simultaneously lose a great deal of revenue and upgrade their internet pipe faster than customers were demanding it.

Comment Re:throttling, crappy HD quality, is why I downloa (Score 3, Insightful) 235

You want to play unfair? Well, Comcast, guess what? I can download what I want at a better quality then you can offer, so no need for your cable. Oh, you don't like people using Netflix? Well, fuck you then, I'll just download off usenet and torrents (via a vpn).

You understand that's not sustainable, right? Only so many people can cancel cable and go internet only before internet prices increase and speed drops.

Comment Re:So (Score 1) 118

Basically students build a pub on the university grounds. Did they get a licence for it or were they trading illegally?

Did you read the article or are you commenting ignorantly? Hint: The article specifically answers that.

Comment Re:So a fake pub with drinks and a place to sit (Score 5, Informative) 118

Also, psychologists will frown upon any research where the subjects do not know they are part of a research project.

RTFA. The "pub" is in a room on the fourth floor of a university building. No one is being tricked into thinking they're in a real pub. It's just a set to help people relax and act more naturally. Every experiment performed must be approved by the university ethics committee and no one will be given enough alcohol to put them over the legal driving limit.

Comment Re:another workaround. if you care (Score 1) 373

It has zip to do with DNS caching other than storing what services are being made available on your machine to your network. It binds on a multicast IP.

False. mDNSResponder is also used for unicast. The command to flush the DNS cache given by the GP is exactly how Apple tells you to do it using Mountain Lion.

Comment Re:Sensible, in some utopia (Score 1) 235

Yes, that's the very definition of freedom. You are not required to do anything you don't want to (install other codecs) and they are not required to do anything they don't want to (serve other codecs). If one party is unhappy with the consequences of their decision, they are free to reevaluate. If you decide you want the media bad enough, you can install the required codecs. If they decide there is a drop in traffic they find unacceptable they can choose to start serving up other codecs again.

There is no possible way this situation could be more free.

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