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Comment Re:Selling out? (Score 1) 78

Then they fucked up. I was going to buy one of these for myself for Christmas and as something to play with my little boy, but they're sold out everywhere. As I resigned myself to not getting one until the new year, I then thought "what the fuck am I doing?" bought a Raspberry Pi 3, two USB controllers and installed RetroPie for the same money with next-day delivery. Ah, much better.

Comment Zen Internet for the win. (Score 4, Insightful) 54

I'm with Zen Internet. They're cheap, they give me a static IP address, they don't mind me running a Linux server off my connection and....lord be praised....when you call technical support you immediately get to speak to an honest-to-goodness engineer. AN ACTUAL ENGINEER. Somebody who knows the difference between a web address and an IP address and doesn't ask you to turn off your firewall as part of their checklist/script. They don't supply a router when you sign up, but they seem to know the admin screens of lots of different makes and basically talked me through configuring mine over the phone. I was a Sky customer for a week once when my previous small ISP got bought out by them. Never again.

Comment Re:Windows virtual machine? (Score 1) 54

You download and install VirtualBox. You define a new virtual machine (File -> New) for the operating system you want to run as a virtual machine. You define it's memory, ethernet, HDD size, etc. You attach the operating system ISO file to the virtual optical drive of the new virtual machine you created and then you start it. It installs the operating system as normal and now you have an operating system in a window in your physical operating system. That's it. Hardly wizardry.

Comment Re:Cable Too Greedy! (Score 1) 127

I know! All Americans seem to have, like, massive cable bills. I get Netflix for £5.99 pcm, my broadband for £49 pcm (including line rental and an actual landline telephone) and whatever Amazon Prime goes for a year these days...£80 a year? Can't remember. I don't get Sky or anything but it's not that expensive. It's weird.

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