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Comment I feel Randal's pain... (Score 4, Interesting) 174

I really feel the pain of that XKCD:
I have a group of friends who refuse to use anything other than What's App
I have one person who I'd lose touch with if I didn't use Telegram
I have people who only respond to Facebook Messenger
Japanese Friends good luck getting them to respond on anything other than Line
Former workmates seem to like Hangouts
My Parents will only use Skype
My Fiance is on iMessage
Gamer friends on Discord
My old work team used Slack so I still have that installed, but don't really use it.
In game "Chat" Using PSN chat app
In game "Chat" using Steam

The list goes on... There are genuinely islands of people I'd lose touch with if I dropped any of those, so they clutter my phone...

Comment This + Street View (Score 2) 95

Theoretically this mixed with a service that has surveyed the entire road network could be amazing. It would remove the need to have travelled the route previously.

Although I do wonder how it copes with changes in road layout/diversions etc.

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