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Comment Re:Price is everything. (Score 1) 162

they think they are old school

A five digit UID qualifies as old school. I think this poster's case is more of not giving a shit about how easy to read their text is, because they can read it fine.

But yes, you're correct. There is a time and place for monospace (posting code), but the rest of the time, it is an eyefuck.

Comment Re:And nothing for rest of America. (Score 1) 59

I live in a city with under 45,000 people, and it is one of the biggest in the area.

The biggest city in my state is around 850,000 people. So, for me, San Francisco is a big city at around the same population.

It is also the densest city in the country after NYC, most dense in California, and 4th most populous in California.

If that isn't a big city, what is in the USA outside of Chicago, NYC and LA?

Comment Re:One more reason to hate Apple (Score 1) 569

But *why* go to a bunch of trouble to hunt down a little icon representing a replacement for a word or two in a sentence?

Because some people find it fun.

Some people also find that asking another human to pull one of their digits, and then releasing stored intestinal gasses is amusing as well.

Some people juggle geese. *shrugs*

Just as the little cartoon rifle wouldn't have killed anyone, emoji won't harm you, either. Just don't use them if you don't like them.

Comment Re:I got a box for that... (Score 2) 76

Why would I want to save TV video on a video game console?

Because I don't have a box for that. I *had* a TV with various pay-tv providers, and I already have an Xbox One.

So, a sub-$100 USB ATSC tuner combined with the 5TB drive I already have for my console would have made a great DVR.

Many cord-cutters don't have their own DVR yet. Building one into a major console would have been great.

Comment Ground will still notice. What about time sources? (Score 2) 170

The FAA advisory says there is a 253nm ring of interference at 50ft AGL (above ground level)

So, depending likely on your line of sight to the transmitter, there is a good chance most of Southern California and Nevada are going to have ground-level interference.

My question is what will happen to the many datacenters with roof-mounted GPS antennas that feed to a local NTP server, which is trusted as a Stratum-1 source inside the company? Those antennas are very likely to be at 50ft AGL or above.

GPS is just a timestamp. If you're screwing with that, there is a good chance what you're doing is screwing with the time.

Comment Re:Why not press the switch (Score 4, Interesting) 170

I see two possibilities, which may both be true:

1. They want to learn more about what it would take to compromise the existing USA GPS, so they know how to detect such activity and perhaps test countermeasures.

2. They want to be able to compromise GLONASS and Galileo without compromising the SA GPS signal. However, in testing this, they might get it wrong and take down GPS.

Comment Re:GE is not the enemy (Score 1) 258

I've seen this play out at a F500 company where I live that copied GE's mentality.

One team of all-stars took turns on the roulette wheel. It was something as arbitrary as alphabetical order: Top performer in Q1 was Adam, middle was Beth, Jerry, and Roger, and Sam was the lowest performer.
In Q2, Sam was now the top performer, and Adam, Beth, and Jerry were now the middle, with Roger now the lowest performer.

Their boss explained it to them, objected to what the company was making him do and complained to his boss, but he had a team where all were awesome and didn't want to lose any of them.

Sure enough, one day a mandatory culling was announced, and a great employee was let go because it was her turn on the wheel.

Bonus: At this company, if you are ever let go because you were at the bottom, you can never be hired again.

Comment Instead of delays, decrease price (Score 3, Interesting) 202

I don't understand the delays. Just sell it HIGH right out of the gate.
Make movies something crazy like $60-$80 on opening weekend. Grab all that extra profit while the hype is high and plenty of families with great home theater and 2.5 kids that they don't want to pay concessions for consider it a win-win.
Drop it by $10 or so every month or so, until they're $20 at the same time they're available now.
Why do they hate money so much?

Comment Re:Yeah, so... (Score 1) 655

I drive a car from the 60's. Will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

And I think you'll be able to do that, but you'll likely be banned from limited-access highways.

I'm ok with a few, but, how do you pass 50 or 100 of them in a solid group? Bicycle technology was surpassed 100 years ago, yet there they are.

You're going to have to just enjoy that 70-year old car as you cruse slowly behind them on the winding road you're on.
If you wanted to get there faster, you'd be in an SDC and on the high-speed roads.
Note that while bikes are still here, they're not allowed on many Interstate highways. So a partial ban does exist for them.

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