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Comment Re:In before... (Score 1) 148

I do DNS for a large enterprise.
We have a subdomain just for user-friendly names.
Only CNAMES or A records pointing to a load balancer are allowed.
Outside of those two rules, I don't give a shit what name you want. If you're the first one to grab it, and it is in a request that ties back to you so I can tell them who asked for H4X0R.user.domain.tld, you can have all you want.

But yeah, I agree. Places that don't allow this are jerks.

Comment Re:What about so-called "data hogs"? (Score 1) 194

Unlimited Smartphone Mobile Hotspot data (tethering) at 2G speeds.

Smartphone Mobile Hotspot: Add 5GB of high-speed tethering when you need it for $15.


TFA is about this new plan T-Mobile is doing, so that's what we're discussing, not the plan you're on right now.

Comment Re:What about so-called "data hogs"? (Score 1) 194

How does T-Mobile know I'm tethering unless it's their phone with special hooks?

Some phones flat tell the cellular provider.

Sometimes, the provider knows what the normal TTL for a device is (64 for an iPhone, for example), and if they see something less than that, they know it is from a tethered device.

See also: TCP/IP stack fingerprinting.

Could you find a way around it? I bet so, with a fully rooted phone and a lot of work. Perhaps using a proxy running on the phone hardware, for example.

Still, it will be a lot of work, and it only takes getting caught once for you to invalidate the TOS for T-Mobile and be un-invited as a customer.

Comment Re:really a price increase (Score 1) 71

I've lived through 128k cellular data for a few years. It is still quite useful.

I can send iMessages, get my email, send email, and sync my newsreader.

It will also allow my devices to be tracked if lost or stolen.

I would MUCH rather be throttled for a couple days if I've gone over by accident than be charged when I don't NEED the speed most of the time.

Comment Isn't level 4 fully autonomous? (Score 1) 101

Actually, in the course of asking this question, I found my own answer and will share with others.

The NHTSA has levels 0 through 4, with 0 being fully driver-controlled (not even ABS, which is level 1) and level 4 being fully computer-controlled.

The SAE uses levels 0 through 5. Level 4 is:

The automated system can control the vehicle in all but a few environments such as severe weather. The driver must enable the automated system only when it is safe to do so. When enabled, driver attention is not required.

So, I suppose this means that during bad weather, the service would be unavailable.

Comment Re:What will the police do for revenue? (Score 2) 101

Do you have any evidence that their traffic ticket revenue exceeds their budget for traffic enforcement?

Fuel, wear and tear on the cars, high-speed runs out to crash sites, multiple officers required to route traffic around crash sites, etc.

Add to that the administrative overhead of tickets. Sending the summons, processing it through the court system, even getting paid costs money.

Every cop I know would love to not have to walk up on a depreciation, bodies burned in a fire, or child death from an automobile wreck.
I don't know any of them that actually enjoy handing out tickets, but they do it to avoid the aforementioned grizzly scenes.

Comment Re: Good thing you have a choice (Score 1) 537

No, I'm saying it should be legal for people to block whatever signals they want within a building they own. You said about it shouldn't be.
Besides, it is quite easy to justify a faraday cage-like structure in your walls "for extra structural support".
Unless you mandate the carriage of all wireless signals in every corner of the country, it can't be illegal to design a building to block them.

Comment Re:Good thing you have a choice (Score 2) 537

but it's still endangering people by blocking calls to emergency services. It shouldn't necessarily be legal.

Let me get this straight: Your position is that every person who builds a space for public use must make sure that wireless calls to emergency services work?

So, every underground parking garage should be forced to install cell transmitters?

I live and breath technology, but there is no harm in going off grid.
Walk outside, and you'll have signal. If you're expecting a call, let your phone sync outside for a minute out of every 30 or so.

For emergency calls, place a landline in the pub.

Comment Re:Where will the money go? (Score 1) 58

From TFS:

The FCC said AT&T should have to repay $63,760 it improperly received from the FCC in subsidies for phone service provided to Orange and Dixie Counties and pay an additional fine of $106,425.

So, clearly the $63,760, that it received from the FCC, is the FCC's money. They're getting it back.

The $106,425 is a fine for breaking the law. The FCC gets that money for dealing with this pain in the ass.

If someone drives too fast down my street and gets a ticket, I don't get a cut of that ticket, even though the driver wronged me by being dangerous on the street my kids play near.

Comment Re:Where will the money go? (Score 1) 58

Why doesn't the $170K go directly to the school district? I doubt the FCC has anything to do with ensuring the school districts budgets are compensated.

TL;DR: AT&T stole from the FCC, not the school.

The school district agreed to the terms and signed the contract.

The money goes back to the FCC because AT&T gets money FROM the FCC to make up for the discount.

It isn't that AT&T is forced to discount, they're just supposed to bill the FCC for the difference between the discount and full price.

Since AT&T didn't discount to the right amount, they owe the FCC back that money.

Comment Re:Price is everything. (Score 1) 162

they think they are old school

A five digit UID qualifies as old school. I think this poster's case is more of not giving a shit about how easy to read their text is, because they can read it fine.

But yes, you're correct. There is a time and place for monospace (posting code), but the rest of the time, it is an eyefuck.

Comment Re:And nothing for rest of America. (Score 1) 59

I live in a city with under 45,000 people, and it is one of the biggest in the area.

The biggest city in my state is around 850,000 people. So, for me, San Francisco is a big city at around the same population.

It is also the densest city in the country after NYC, most dense in California, and 4th most populous in California.

If that isn't a big city, what is in the USA outside of Chicago, NYC and LA?

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