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Comment Re:Lunix (Score 1) 66

On Linux the installation packages are signed (by third-party), not the executables.

Signed executables pose two serious problems:

1.The developers are effectively signing by themselves. Windows malware authors have no problem buying keys from Microsoft to sign their rookits as certificated drivers - until they're found.

2.Non-executable parts (anything non-ELF on Linux) are left for developers themselves to verify: such as VIM plugins/scripts. Most of them would never bother to develop comprehensive system for that.

The current solution of signing by third-party is not without drawback: time/delay is a key issue as they cannot possibly verify any software that is just released a few days ago, and commercial softwares are self-signed since they wouldn't allow their softwares to be distributed freely. Also they don't really verify new versions of existing softwares.

But it's still far more suitable than having developers doing all the signings by themselves.

Comment Re:Apple support excellent! (Score 1) 435

What do you need their support for? The support guys aren't driver developers, or BIOS designers, or participating in any stage of OS or hardware development at all.

They're just useless, unless you're retarded to the point that you need a computer babysitter to troubleshoot app installation or usb problem for you. But I highly doubt such people would come to Slashdot.

Comment Re:Silverlight is on the decline - not .NET (Score 1) 250

Huh? Winform has been deprecated by WPF and XAML-based UI for 10 years. Winform is essentially the same old crap that comes out from OS/2 before made into Windows API, just an object-oriented wrapper of stone-aged tech. You have no idea what you missed.

It is even worse than Motif and TK, which at least have proper automatic layout system.

Comment Re:Why do this in the first place? (Score 1) 90

12 years and they still haven't solved the memory leak problem. Memory usage easily goes up to 1 or 2GB after a week of use and closing all tabs couldn't fix it. Compared that to Chrome - at least Chrome utilizes a multi-process model which ensures everything gets cleaned up the moment you close a tab.

The entire Mozilla/Gecko engine is NOT meant to be suitable for integration because they somehow decided it's better to have their own platform, GUI, internal scripting and everything instead of just a core engine. It's inconsistent in every way with every OSes it runs on, and also unnecessarily slower and more resource-hungry. Firefox is essentially a web-based shell to a web browser based on Gecko.

Comment Re:Original M3800 Model Linux User Here (Score 1) 133

Clevo is Taiwan based but it doesn't sell in Taiwan. They don't directly sell it, instead their laptops serve as bases for high-end gaming laptops such as Dell Alienware. In US it's also sold by Sager, most of them are bought by enthusiasts because they allow you to customize every components from CPU to wireless module and heat sinks.

Their laptops are typically taller - 1.5x to double height, with higher power consumption and also no decoration at all (unlike real gaming latops).

It's like the choice between custom assembled PCs and branded PCs. But there is no reason to choose the later. Those companies don't make the MBs, or the CPUs, or the GPUs or anything at all except for the shell. So what do you need the brand for? Services? It's not like you can call Dell or Acer to fix bug in nVIDIA driver or mechanical problem in HDD anyway.

Comment Re:Original M3800 Model Linux User Here (Score 1) 133

after a year or so of constant use I still really like it but it's not without certain issues, especially for Linux users.

You could get a Clevo laptop by probably half the price and everything you listed, plus 3-4 DIMMs, 4-7 disk slots plus removable CPU and GPU. They have unlocked BIOS by 3rd-party and the fact that all top overclocking records on HWbot are achieved on Clevo guarantees the quality - better than a piece of paper or brand logo.

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