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Comment Good In theory, but maybe not execution (Score -1) 618

I actually liked the idea of Windows 8 tablet with laptop like power. However due to battery life, cost and reading of hardware reliability issues with different Windows 8 tablets I wasn't confident in buying one. I was doing work one weekend at my parents house on my laptop and some of it I was doing via RDP connected to my desktop at home. I for some reason decided to test RDP access with my girlfriend's iPad and found the picture to be better and the responsiveness of the tablet superior to my aging laptop. In the end I ended up buying an iPad and a bluetooth keyboard case and it is working well for what I wanted a Windows 8 tablet for.

Admittedly such solutions don't work as well for non-technical people, but a lot of them don't need the heavy lifting of a desktop and could make due with a keyboard case and Google Apps or other alternatives if they really were frustrated. All this combined with the fact Windows 8 just doesn't make sense without a touch screen is why Microsoft's been having trouble selling Windows 8.

Comment Re:Its Specialization (Score -1) 89

As the human species evolves and our technology advances, our ability to be a "jack of all trades" decreases.

Please explain the evolutionary pressure (i.e., natural selection) that, in your opinion, drives this alleged process.

Happy to oblige. By doing what you are most efficient at and trading with those who are doing what they are best at, assuming everyone isn't equally skilled in the same tasks, there is a net gain as opposed to everyone doing everything for themselves. As global trade is made cheaper due to technological advances, and fields become more complex due to greater accumulated knowledge in them, it therefore becomes easier and more useful to tap into those efficiencies.There is an economic term for it known as comparative advantage. I think the link between more production and better chances of survival is obvious. If my explanation does not suffice for you, I suggest you read more on the topic of comparative advantage.

Comment Re:Torn about Netflix (Score -1) 34

For what it gives me in exchange for that money, yes. I can get a couple of movies a month for around the same price and as I stated before they'd be higher bitrate than the HD stream on Netflix is even if those were DVD's. Part of why the bitrate is so low is likely because of high bandwidth costs, at least here in Canada. It's not that I find $8 a month, much of a cost. It's just that I don't value their service very highly. It's bad in part because selection is also worse in Canada, it's better now, but was terrible for a long time and still doesn't look great. I also normally see it as a movie worth watching is probably worth watching again in the future, and I'd much rather put my money into licenses I have for a long time than in paying for a service which can easily lose the license to what I want to see.

Comment Torn about Netflix (Score 0) 34

I'm rather torn about Netflix. I'm not the biggest fan of their service as I see it as kind of expensive for a low quality rental service. Low quality in terms of their "HD" streams being low bitrate for the resolution they are; unless they changed it I have higher bitrate for my 480p rips to h.264 than their HD stream, because otherwise the quality is diminished.

On the other hand their work on hardening services in the Amazon Cloud is fascinating and the fact they share not just their insights learned from several issues in the Cloud, but also their tools they use to overcome these issues, and now also tools for reducing waste, makes me respect them and consider using the service even though I prefer to license media in the long term.

Comment Other Effects (Score 0) 440

The article doesn't mention whether it has other effects on the food. My main concern would be with the food getting dried out, hard or otherwise unpleasant to eat as can happen when you microwave it. Instead they talk about people being potentially concerned with it not spoiling for so long and cost, but it could easily go the other way since a lot of people are concerned about the effects of preservatives and people understand cooking things makes them safe to eat and having food last a lot longer means it can go a lot further. Especially interesting with bread for me since I love to eat bread, but will only have a few slices most weeks and have to either throw out most the loaf or freeze it and defrost a few slices a week.

Really fascinating though. I hope it proves to be a wonderful way of treating food that gets widely accepted.

Comment Seems Fishy (Score -1) 623

The only info I saw in the article about the actual evidence they're using is.

The report said the cost of damage caused by extreme weather events had increased from 9bn euros (£7bn) in the 1980s to 13bn euros in the 2000s. One of the report's authors, Andre Jol, head of the EEA's vulnerability and adaptation group, added: "We know that the main increase in damage costs from natural disasters has not been from climate change, as such, but more as a result of an increase in wealth, people and infrastructure in risk areas."

They make no mention of inflation so if we assume they didn't factor that in then even ignoring the increase in wealth, the damage has decreased over that period. They either neglected to account for it or failed to indicate they accounted for it. Bad reporting either way I see it.

Comment Re:Some good, but adds restrictive digital lock ru (Score -1) 103

More than unfortunate, it's outrageous. As a Canadian who does a lot in my spare time with Media Centers (most recently creating an HTML5 prototype that works with the XBOX 360) and has a large legitimate collection of DVD's, I am extremely annoyed. It's even tougher to enforce than dealing with online downloading, but it's a morale stab at consumers with no real gain.

Comment Not perfect, but a good start. (Score -1) 107

My cheap XP machine that I was running my media center in my bedroom died last Monday and I didn't want to go out and replace it right away. I wrote a media center specifically tailored to work in IE on my 360 in the bedroom. It's still rough around the edges, but the smart glass app for my android helped to make it a little easier to use.until I have time to make it controllable with my media center remote. It makes it easy to launch IE and then control it like a mouse. I haven't figured out how to bring up a keyboard in the mouse in the IE control section though, if it's possible, which would be nice for using some key bindings.

Comment Re:What goes around comes around... (Score 0) 446

Are you implying that Tim Cook is secretly leading Google into attacking Apple to somehow give himself more power and will eventually issue an order to the retail people to kill off the members of the board and other shareholders so there's noone left to oppose him? If so I find your ideas interesting and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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