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Submission + - Splitting 1 Display into 2 w/ 1 Monitor 3

ApprenticeGuru writes: "I did several Google searches and wasn't able to find anything about this, so i figured I'd ask the geniuses of slashdot. My boss has a windows XP pro PC, nothing special for a vid card, and he wants to split his SINGLE monitor into MULTIPLE displays, but does NOT want multiple monitors on his desk, due to limited desk space. I couldn't find any ways to do this on my initial searches, so I figured I'd ask the community to see if there is a way anyone knows of to have a split screen on one display. I warned him about the fact that the size wasn't going to be great, but he was fine with that, as he is constantly having to look up info in different programs, so if he could have one half of his screen separated from the other, it would help him out a lot. I think he'd be willing to upgrade the vid card if it would support it as well, it's definitely an AGP board. Thank you, AG"

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