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Comment Re:I wonder something else (Score 0) 377

Apple would NOT have succeeded immensely with the iPod because they wouldn't have had the money to do the R & D on it you fool.

LOL Microsoft was already successful writing software for other platforms before and after DOS. I know you really want to keep exploring this fantasy because it gets your rocks off to imagine a world without Microsoft, but please, lets not throw out the common sense.

Comment Re:I wonder something else (Score 0) 377

OK. Go back in time and erase the Mac from Apple, erase Linux from Linus and erase the American Revolution from the United States of America and see where all of them would have been.

What an idiotic argument. Of course DOS gave Microsoft the push they needed to get started. That doesn't mean that Microsoft has not kicked ass in many markets since DOS.

Comment Re:I wonder something else (Score 0) 377

> Microsoft have not done well where they cannot use the Windows lock-in.

Utter bullshit. Office is selling like hotcakes on the Mac platform now that Apple is selling more computers. (Oh and Apple purchased a ton of technology from other companies in order to continue developing them in house. For shame! They must be talentless hacks!)

> which Microsoft purchased from others...

Can you guys pick the point that you're trying to make please? You start off talking about how Microsoft purchased technology from others (GASP! nobody does that!) and then you go on to say how _it's only because of Windows hegemony that any of their products do well_. Can you say non-sequitur?

Besides say they purchased Word and SQL Server fairly early on...Why don't we go over the feature list of each of those products back when they were purchased and then see how much Microsoft has added to them to make them the products they are today. These products are excellent by their own right and if there were no Windows, they'd be kicking ass regardless of what OSes were available. If you think otherwise then you've probably never used them for anything serious.

Comment Re:Propaganda (Score 0) 87

" The fact you're asking means YOU'VE not bothered to do any real, honest research into both sides of the story and have rather allowed yourself to be shoved bullshit by conspiracy buffoons."

I stopped reading after this sentence. You have displayed a predilection towards jumping to conclusions in multiple places. The Bozo bit has been flipped. Take 'er easy buddy!

Comment Re:Propaganda (Score 1) 87

On a much, much grander scale you have people who are in denial that _their_ government would do such things as 9/11, even though conspiracies and governments go hand in hand throughout history.

Saying that it's not even possible is just as bad as people who claim to know every piece of every puzzle.

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