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Comment Firefox is doing countinous release wrong (Score 1) 555

I think Firefox is creating this situation by doing continuous release wrong... They correctly tried to follow the Chrome model, In order to keep up with a continuously changing world, also shorter release cycles are more efficient. However, seems to me Firefox doesn't get it. They are still advertising large version # changes. Why do they allow you to download "Firefox 5" instead of just saying this is "Firefox" when you download you get the latest one. Period. With Chrome you have to dig to see a build #, and you will see the press talking Chrome 11, 12, 13. However, you never see Google pushing versions. This results in a situation where IT thinks they are still deploying in cycles instead of installing a constantly updated piece of software. How much time is wasted version branding? The should also make it so Firefox can be constantly updated via patches, so that IT admins can apply on separate schedule, or behind firewalls.

Comment I just did the same... (Score 1) 1003

I just spent most of my three day weekend cleaning up some "Antivirus Soft" that took over my Windows 7 installation. My antivirus software didn't detect it, and I was in Chrome 5 just reading news sites when it took over. After hours of booting into safemode, and scanning every piece of media I had with 3 different antivirus software. I discovered I had 5 different trojans and 2 different keyloggers. This forced me to change 50+ passwords. I don't consider myself an average user who easily falls for downloading malicious stuff. I have been in IT since 1994. I got everything cleaned up, but was left wondering how the hell this happened? So I finally gave up and I am done with windows forever. I have been dual booting for a while, but now I have decided to go all the way. I am doing this in spite that I don't think Linux is as nice on the desktop. Its just not worth it if I am going to do everything I can to be a secure user, and still get infected. So I sympathize with Google on this one. Its so utterly frustrating, that I damn well want to swear off technology period. Una-bomber style.

Comment Why I am considering NoSQL (Score 1) 444

My team is currently considering a "NoSQL" solution moving away from PostgreSQL, and the reason is: We desperately need Multimaster over the WAN that handles split brain situations gracefully. Its a tough problem and frankly no RDBMS handles it well. I suspect any group who has had to support multiple disperse locations has the same thought.

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