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Submission + - Uncensored Manhunt 2 Leaks Online (kotaku.com) 2

An anonymous reader writes: Projectmanhunt.com is reporting that an early PS2 build of Manhunt 2 has leaked online. Though credited to Rockstar-unaffiliated Team Slonik, the software had to come from somewhere and YouTube clips are already appearing for public consumption — meaning this could become a quite literal torrent of bad press for Rockstar...who was finally (kinda) out of the fire for Hot Coffee.

ISO Says No To Microsoft's OOXML Standard 315

qcomp writes "The votes are in and Microsoft has lost for now, reports the FFII's campaign website OOXML. The 2/3 majority needed to proceed with the fast-track standardization has not been achieved. Now the standard will head to the ballot resolution meeting to address the hundreds of technical comments submitted along with the votes." Here is yesterday's speculation as to how the vote would turn out.

Submission + - Baby Hacking 1

LanMan04 writes: My wife and I are expecting our first child to be born in about 3 months, and I wanted to ask the /. crowd for any "Baby Hacking" projects/recommendations. I'd define baby hacking as any early childhood education project that can give the baby a head start (i.e. early language acquisition, accelerated learning, etc), with an emphasis unconventional ideas. This is especially important, with recent research showing that those Baby Einstein videos are actually detrimental. Also, any really "cool" projects you wish your parents could have done from day 1 (e.g. take a picture of the baby's face every day, starting at birth, to see how it changes over the years, etc) would be appreciated as well. Thanks Slashdotters!

Man Arrested for Refusing to Show Drivers License 1972

NMerriam writes "Michael Righi was arrested in Ohio over the weekend after refusing to show his receipt when leaving Circuit City. When the manger and 'loss prevention' employee physically prevented the vehicle he was a passenger in from leaving the parking lot, he called the police, who arrived, searched his bag and found he hadn't stolen anything. The officer then asked for Michael's driver's license, which he declined to provide since he wasn't operating a motor vehicle. The officer then arrested him, and upon finding out Michael was legally right about not having to provide a license, went ahead and charged him with 'obstructing official business' anyways."

Submission + - Free Live Chat Support Software (mayihelpyouzone.com)

Steve Marshall writes: "Consider an online visitor on a content rich website fending for solutions to his problems which otherwise any brick or mortar shop would have adequately provided during a single visit. When the fundamental premise of satisfying the customer is providing instant solution to his problems; then it is rather contradictory to imagine a website with loads and loads of information which is somehow made to look accessible with the help of FAQs but still lacks the simplicity which is sought. Understanding and acknowledging this fact, we are fortunate to counter such an incidence with our service offering of providing Live Chat Agent Support on websites over our secure web interface. Live Chat Services offered by May I Help You Zone will create a new dimension of Customer Support Live on a website with the a very clear option for the online visitor to initiate the process of Live Customer Support and An Expert Chat Agent appears with all the solutions for his problems. May I Help You Zone is an initiative of Tailored Solutions Global (Tasol Global) which has been providing web solutions for all kind of applications and are involved into AJAX. We provide Live Chat Agent Support across various industry verticals round the clock on all 365 days of a year via our secure web based interface which we offer free of Cost. We are equipped to offer our Live Customer Support solutions to various industry verticals spanning from manufacturing to retailing to distribution for all formats of businesses whether following the Brick or Mortar model with click presence or Pure Click Businesses. Businesses where the major point of interaction is their online presence as a website can avail our Live Chat Interface free of cost for a limited period of time where they can use their own operators. At the same time their Customer Support Function can be outsourced to us. It may seem a simple Business Process Outsourcing event but a detailing of the processes involved would further elucidate the fundamental difference between providing voice based support and Live Chat Support for products and services. We can offer you various configurations of services ranging from only Live Chat Secure Interface where you have your own operator to Our Secure Web interface with our Live Chat Agents serving as your customer support whom we train for you. Further there is an option of having shared support as well as dedicated Chat Agent support for your website. We also are flexible to allow you to recruit your own operator at our payroll and train them for which we provide the infrastructure. Perhaps it is a small step in replacing the missing human touch and spirit to satisfy an online visitor with instant solutions to his problems by reducing his effort in finding it across on your online channels but is a giant leap towards creating a greener dimension to Customer Support. Visit us at www.mayihelpyouzone.com"

Comment At Least They're Trying (Score 1) 425

I mean cmon companies can keep to the normal thing and do business, what Sony are trying to do is push technology, and help it evolve, and with all the failures, they've had many success' so just thing some may fail, but in the end they'll hit one and run with it for as long as it can, and that may pave the way for more breakthroughs, only time will tell with Blu-Ray.

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