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Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 119

Sorry, I respect your opinion, but I wholeheartedly disagree.

I've always had a passion programming and for video games. All my life people have been telling me to just get a normal job and not waste time on games, that it's childish and foolish, and that I should get real and go work for a bank or something like everyone else. Well, I had to pass up on a lot of opportunities along the way, but today I'm a professional games developer working for a successful games company, and loving every minute of it.

Sure I might have made more money if I didn't go into gaming, and indeed I've had offers from banks for double my salary, but money is not what's important. As long as you have enough to care for yourself and your family, then happiness means far more. And since we spend a large part of our adult lives at work, that also means enjoying your work, even if your pocket is a little lighter than it might have been otherwise. Deciding to follow my passion as a career is the best choice I've ever made and I haven't regretted it for a second.

Comment Its all about marketing the engine (Score 1) 122

Even though the UT series were great games in their own right, in reality their purpose have always been to serve as tech demos for the latest iteration of the Unreal Engine. The full UT3 source code is also available to UE3 subscribers as an example of how to implement a game using the engine.

However there hasn't really been any significant changes to UE3 in the last couple of years while they were ramping up development on UE4, so there wasn't much need for another UT game. Now that UE4 is ready to go though, it makes perfect sense to push out another UT. This model has served them incredibly well in the past, and in fact Unreal is still one of the most popular engines in the world today (in contrast to its original competitor Quake/Id Tech) in large part due to the popularity of the UT games.

So although they claim they'll be offsetting the development cost from marketplace sales, really that will be pittance compared to the revenue they will gain from engine licenses. That's what it's all about.

Comment Re:eh, it's not that bad (Score 1) 459

Not only can the physical keyboard layout be different, but applications have a habit of overriding the keyboard layout at a whim as well, or not honoring the layout the OS is set to. I use Visual Studio 2012 at work, and it switches between so many keyboard layouts at seemingly random times during the course of a day that my muscle memory has adjusted to automatically try all the different possible keys whenever I need to type symbols like backslash or the at sign. Of course using a US layout keyboard at home and a UK layout at work doesn't help the situation either.

Comment Nokia Glance (Score 2) 72

It's not e-ink, but Nokia also solves this problem to some degree by switching the screen into a low power state, turning off a lot of the pixels and reducing the available colours. This allows you to have a clock, notifications and even a background image visible all the time when the screen is 'off' without draining much battery power.

Comment Re:Wire is good (Score 1) 582

And DSL is much, much shittier than fiber. Good riddance.

I can't speak for the US, but certainly here in he UK there are many places where you can't get cable, even in some parts of the biggest cities, because of a lack of modern infrastructure in listed buildings, etc. I do wonder though how many of the quoted 100 million people actually use their POTS lines, or if they just have one because of ADSL or because the cable company forces it on them. I'm in the latter category, I have a POTS line as part of my cable package because its cheaper than just paying for cable on its own. I don't want it, and it's never even been plugged in, but I'm still part of their phone user statistics.

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