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Comment Re:Passwords (Score 1) 438

It was my understanding that a combination to a safe (unlike the physical KEY to a safe) *was* testimonial, as it's from one's head. In "In re Grand Jury Subpoena to Sebastien Boucher" the US District Court for Vermont ruled (IANAL, so please excuse my non-legal interpretation here) that only because the government had already seen the incriminating evidence on the defendant's laptop was the request for the same material upheld, though the password itself was not required to be turned over, only the unencrypted files on the drive, as those were the files that government agents had already seen. While I know you can't simply take other information from legal rulings as precedent, it sure sounds like if some lowly citizen merely *told* the agents they saw child porn on the drive, but the government hadn't verified this at all, they would've allowed to quash.

There haven't been any cases setting precedent that *I* know of, but it sounds like that in the US passwords are still testimonial.

Comment Re:LaTeX (Score 1) 338

Also of note is MathJax ( which is a full rewrite of jsMath (
(See jsMath in action:

It handles a lot of the Math rendering needed for the web without the need for the end user to install/do anything. Granted, it doesn't do things like macros or any other number of LaTeX stuff, but it does quite a lot as-is for taking straight TeX and rendering it properly.

Comment GMail Address Formatting (Score 1) 407

I haven't seen it mentioned yet, but GMail allows any user to put dots (.) in their email address as they want to help filtering and general formatting. So really, anyone with a GMail account starting with "wh" already has an address you could format like this. == ==

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