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Comment Re:Incognito anyways (Score 1) 133

The technique does depend on cookies (if indirectly), since social networking sites (and indeed any site using sessions) depend on cookies to maintain their sessions. Incognito mode doesn't block cookies; it just makes sure they're deleted once you close the browser, so it won't provide any defence against the "attack".

Also, it would be straightforward to adapt the technique to work in IE by using AJAX requests instead of script tags to query the URLs to be checked.

Comment Re:Let me do it (Score 1) 149

I know it's not the done thing to actually read the article, so:

The destruction will be carried out by a a CESG accredited and approved supplier, securely and in accordance with established secure destruction policy, procedures and guidelines, Green said. These include compliance with the HMS IA Standard No. 5-Secure Sanitisation of Protectively Marked Sensitive Information. Physical equipment holding the data will be degaussed and physically shredded.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 157

So you're saying I should buy a $500 iPad and pay $10/year to read a website novel that I might not even like?

So you're saying I should buy a $30,000 car and pay $3/gallon to drive it?

Well, if you want to stay true to the analogy, it's more like paying $30,000 for a car, $3/gal to drive it, and there's only one road in existence.

And you don't know how long it is or where it leads.

Comment Re:I don't care (Score 2, Insightful) 347

At least in the US, we are not at the stage yet where the military can openly admit that they are beginning an ongoing operation whose objective is to slaughter civillians en masse, and not expect to get an overwhelmingly negative response frmo the public....

That's because they can just label them "terrorists" instead of "civilians".

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