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Comment New York (Score 3, Informative) 920

Only real place to get real pizza. I don't know if it's the water, the pollution, a placebo effect, or something else entirely, but c'mon. You can't beat real New York pizza.

Failing that, try to find a small local store. They're usually much much better than the chains. Sorry, but Domino's, Pizza Hut and the like are NOT real pizza.

From a displaced and hungry New Yorker temporarily living in Florida...oddly enough the best pizza down here is from a small independent restaurant (Pomodoro's on 39th in Gainesville, FL if you're in the area) started by New Yorkers who moved down here years ago, apparently frustrated by the lack of edible Italian-American delicacies.

Comment Re:What??? (Score 1) 255

Nonsense, I don't have to look at my keyboard, with or without tactical feedback.

Rather than relying on boring old touch or sight, I have a scent-feedback keyboard. The technology is way too advanced for most of you touchy-feely types to grasp, but simply put, each key on the keyboard has a different smell, related to whatever letter (or symbol or function) that particular key is.

Of course, sometimes outside or when you have a fan running in the room, the air currents can throw off locating where exactly each smell is coming from, but it does often create some interesting mixtures of scents.

Comment Anime (Score 1) 479

I think a particular medium that shows alot of innovation when it comes to science fiction is anime.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, .hack, the Macross series....there's alot of good sci-fi anime. (And no, not all of it is giant-robot based.)

I, in particular, recommend Makoto Shinkai's "Voices of a Distant Star". It's a short film but it's very futuristic and spacey, and the science is actually pretty accurate. It's main premise is the effect that long-distance (interstellar) communication in space has on human relationships. In that effect it's a bit romance-y too, but with a science fiction setting. Might be a little too mushy for some people but it does have a profound effect on most people who watch it.

Submission + - Big Breasted Women More Intelligent (beyondjane.com)

Aokisensei writes: Contrary to the popular stereotype, new research suggests that women with larger breasts are more intelligent than their less well-endowed counterparts. The researcher, a Chicago-based sociologist (who herself confessed to being an A-cup), conducted a study in which a sample of 1,200 women were divided by breast size into five categories: extra-large, large, medium, small, and extra-small. An I.Q. test was then administered to the participants. The results? Women in the large and extra-large categories scored an average of 10 points more than the women in the smaller categories, also beating medium sized women.

Comment Re:4chan (Score 1) 218

In defense of 4chan (yes, I said it), it's really mostly /b/ and maybe a few other boards that are disgusting and vile.

I tend to stay on /a/ and /c/ (anime and anime/cute boards) and it stays relatively civil and sane and within something that resembles the boundaries of most people's moral decencies.

Comment Possibly stupid questions (Score 1, Interesting) 97

So this white space is "unlicensed"? Completely? What, if any restrictions are there on usage of it? Is it at all possible in the foreseeable future that there will be consumer-level devices for this type of frequency? Like routers and other networking equipment, or is this really more for just companies to provide service? Also, what kind of range can you expect on this band at 'normal' power levels?

Comment "Earth-from-Space Video Imaging"? (Score 0) 208

TFA says this is a possible application. TFA also says that you communicate with these things over ham radio, and since it's LEO, only for a few minutes at a time every ~90 minutes or so. Doesn't that sort of lack the bandwidth to transmit video or even images? I'm still kinda lost on how exactly you'd communicate with these sats.

Comment Better than some other stores... (Score 5, Funny) 301

GNU Store party - You need to bring an equal amount of cake and party favors for everyone (but triple portions for RMS, who comes and sings the Free Software Song for you and a collection of Spanish-language folk songs). Gifts can only be exchanged if you agree to re-gift on the same terms by which you received the gift yourself.

Gentoo Linux Store party - You arrive at the site where the store should be, and get handed a box of tools and building materials. You miss your party and spend the next year building the store by hand with your party guests, only to find out you don't have compatible windows, doors, or toilets. The store staff assures you these are under development and should be buildable by your next birthday party.

OpenBSD Store party - You drive to the store, and security doesn't let you in.

Ubuntu Linux Store party - You arrive and are welcomed by lavishly decorated and friendly African tribesmen. The staff of the Debian store across the street glares the entire time, disgustedly.

ReactOS Store party - It looks similar to the Microsoft Store party, but comes with all the "perks" of the GNU Store party.

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