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Comment Just convert them over (Score 2) 157

They used the same argumnent about the phase out of analog TV. It is going to leave the elderly and poor behind...i dont think that happend. They found a way to get a big government subsidy to give out free converter boxes.

What ATT will do is get the government to finance a massive vDSL deployment in these areas and plop an ATA out there on a little battery (they get to keep their phone number and their phone) oh...and we will also give you a video and internet feed. Technology for everyone...ATT bankrolls an upgrade and then reduces their operating cost and increases their revenues. The PSC is supposed to keep that in check but there are a bunch of former ATT/BellSouth exec's sitting on the commission so it is what it is...

Comment Sprint is no better (Score 1) 298

I am forced (stupid enough) to pay extra for 4G serves on my HTC EVO when there is no 4G server in my area (Louisville, KY) and the 3G server that was once king is now almost unusable...coupled that with the fact that Sprint is ditching WiMAX in favor of LTE so my phone wont work on the 4G if and when it ever gets here in the first place.

The Courts

In Response To Restraining Order, Real Networks Pulls RealDVD 193

eldavojohn writes "RealNetworks' product that allows one to copy a DVD containing a movie has been pulled. You may recall us discussing RealDVD and its legal implications." According to the linked BBC report, "RealNetworks — the firm behind the software — has responded to restraining order issued by a US court stopped selling the RealDVD software [sic]. Six major movie studios jointly sued the company on 30 September — the day the software was launched."

Fungus Fire Spores With 180,000 G Acceleration 69

Hugh Pickens writes "Although a variety of spore discharge processes have evolved among the fungi, those with the longest ranges are powered by hydrostatic pressure and include 'squirt guns' that are most common in the Ascomycota and Zygomycota. In these fungi, fluid-filled stalks that support single spores or spore-filled sporangia, or cells called asci that contain multiple spores, are pressurized by osmosis. Because spores are discharged at such high speeds, most of the information on launch processes from previous studies has been inferred from mathematical models and is subject to a number of errors, but now Nicholas Money, an expert on fungi at Miami University, has recorded the discharges with high-speed cameras at 250,000 frames-a-second and discovered that fungi fire their spores with accelerations up to 180,000 g, calling it 'the fastest flight in nature.' Money and his students, in a justified fit of ecstasy, have created a video of the first fungus opera."

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