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Comment Re:When talking to a prosecutor in the US. (Score 1) 409

If this was the only thing I did then you would probably be right. But I figured out long ago that to be romantic you shouldn't do big gestures once a year. I tell my wife I love her everyday and I often give her compliments. The little things done every day has a bigger impact than something big once a year.
If you ever get the question "Do I look fat in this" then it's probably something wrong with you or her. Too few compliments and declerations of your feelings or too low self confidence on her part.

Comment Re: Oh, the surprise. (Score 1) 800

To be specific no nation is even going to make an attempt because everyone knows the US has the means to slap down anyone who tries. Besides I doubt you will find the US harboring or protecting the Kansas Al-qaeda branch so there is no reason for any other country to launch a drone attack in the US.

You got a point about "Kansas Al-qaeda" but on the other hand the US has CIA who is known to have performed "operations" in South America and Latin America. Among other things displacing an democraticly elected president. Some would call that state sanctioned terrorism.
Sure, the US would be able to "slap down" anyone who tried to retaliate against the CIA agents using drone strikes but that's not the point now is is? The question was what the US would do IF someone did try it and as you say. They would "slap down" them. Ie retaliate but I bet you would be mad if Pakistan retaliated for the drone killings performed in their country.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 576

I would say only partly true. Most of Chopin's work sounds more or less the same to me but I dislike the piano in classical music, prefer oboe and Albinoni. But furthermore what classical music we have today is what has survived the ages. In most cases the best of the best. The same can probably be said for 20th century music in two three hundred years.
And if I recall correctly the classical composers produced lots more music per week than what most pop artists today do. I'm betting that a lot of that music sounded the same.

Comment Re:My money... (Score 1) 396

Modesty Blaise has already been made into a movie in 1966 and oh my God and all his angels was that a bad movie.
They totaly trashed the character and when I say that I'm not even thinking of the "POWS" and "POFFS" displayed when she was hitting someone.

That said I would love to see a well made Modesty Blaise move. A strong woman character who doesn't need to be rescued all the time. Hollywood seems to have trouble treating female characters with respect though.
There has been a rumor of a movie by Tarantino written by Gaiman, that would have been sweet.

Comment Re:it's perfectly ok to be richer than someone els (Score 1) 252

What you have is anecdotes, the research doesn't support it. Look at this for instance:
You can always find persons who managed despite a difficult upbringing. What you say about avoid getting into gang and other trouble might be right but here's the difference between the rich and the poor: Rich boy screws up and he's just being a boy, poor boy screws up and he is a criminal and fucked for life.

Oh and when all your rednecks finally find out that the dream of the american pie and land of possibilities has been stolen and replaced with "might makes right" the risk is that all those guns will tear the country apart. I hope that won't happen but you as a country are so off the track at the moment that it's scary. Your image of yourself doesn't nearly match the reality anymore.

Comment Re:IMHO Apple is becoming a scummy advertiser (Score 1) 193

Like your analogy but just to nitpick, slut in swedish doesn't mean stop. It actually means "end" as in "the end" or that you are out of something like "We are out of milk" - "Vi har slut på mjölk".
Sluta on the other hand does mean to stop doing something "Now it's time to stop for the day" - "Nu är det dags att sluta för dagen".
If you mean stop as in stopping the cars forward motion though, we probably would use "stanna" or if braking "bromsa". We also have the wrord "stopp" but that is mostly used as exclamation or as an order.

A bit off topic but I have a hard time stopping myself when it comes to words. Grammar on the other hand can go hang it self ;)

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