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Comment Same As It Ever Was (Score 1) 98

Ubuntu is not becoming more or less open or closed. It's always been as it is, the SABDFL's distro. Thus it was brown, now it is bruise coloured; thus it was Warty, now it is cool to find Amazon suggestions in searching for files and applications. Ubuntu's main problem is that Mark says things. He should just do what he does and have another person speak for Ubuntu who won't have to "correct misperceptions" because they won't actually know what Mark is doing and so can just say nice things.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 283

Thinking a little longer about it, maybe this has implications in shipping/selling truly unencumbered pre-loaded hardware/virtual platforms based on Linux? Thanks to the lack of fear that some evil megacorp will come hunt you down for including a copyrighted wifi firmware in your seemingly harmless mini-firewall gadget. Maybe this has positive implications (although i am still not 100% convinced that it's just a show of idealism that will hurt Joe user.)

I really doubt the Debian community cares anything about that.

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