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Submission + - Australian Billionaire Plans To Build Titanic II (

SchrodingerZ writes: Just in time to miss the 100 year anniversary of the fatal voyage of the Titanic; Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer announced he has plans to recreate the Titanic, calling it Titanic II. "It will be every bit as luxurious as the original Titanic but of course it will have state-of-the-art 21st Century technology and the latest navigation and safety systems," says Palmer. He stated it was to be as close to the original as possible, with some modern adjustments. Its maiden voyage is set for 2016.

Submission + - Discovery Channel Crashes a Boeing 727 for Science Documentary (

conner_bw writes: "A Boeing 727 passenger jet has been deliberately crash-landed. The pilot ejected just minutes before the collision. The plane was packed with scientific experiments, including crash test dummies. Dozens of cameras recorded the crash from inside the aircraft, on the ground, in chase planes and even on the ejecting pilot's helmet. All of this was done for a feature length documentary to be shown on the Discovery Channel later this year."

Comment Re:Golfers? (Score 1) 258

Course design does play a part in how successful a golfer of a certain handedness can be, albeit more in amateur or developing golfers. Most amateur right-handers tend to slice a ball (curve to the right,) while left-handers hook the ball (curve to the left.) I'd be willing to bet there are more dog-leg-right holes than there are dog-leg-left holes.

I stopped playing golf a while back in favor of disc golf (it's free,) and the hole selection is even more biased. It's difficult for me (a left hander) to get a frisbee to dive left at the end of a shot, where it's natural for a right-hander. At the disc golf courses around me, I'd estimate that there are about 3x more dog-lef-left holes than there are dog-leg-right.

Comment Not necessarily (Score 5, Informative) 394

I spent a year on Grand Cayman. Just about all the consumables on island are imported, and duty is levied against most imported goods, which is typically in the range of 22% to 25%.

Since I was making minimum wage, and not able to save anything, I was effectively taxed 22% to 25%. The tax haven aspect only works for those who can either afford the extremely expensive living costs, or those who just hide money there.

Submission + - Borat used for Patent prior art (

Kurofuneparry writes: "Rarely does patent law meet pop culture so hilariously. But it gets to a more important point: An invention cannot be patented if there has been a public disclosure of said invention prior to the date of filing." Not exactly a tech patent, but it does comically display the kind of prior art searches that are often being done so poorly in the tech industry by the over-burdened patent office. After talking about how a "scrotal support garment" patent is invalidated by the Borat movie, the article also mentions a case involving Apple last year as well as a case in which the Bible was used for prior art.

Comment Re:Lawyers, Judges, Representatives, Senators, ... (Score 2) 283

If the government is broken, fix it.

That's the problem now isn't it? How can you fix a system that has turned into a self-supporting wealth machine at the cost of the average person? I could go live in a tent in a park in New York. I could vote for Ron Paul. I could vote for Obama, and pray that he still has people's best interest in mind. There's no good option in supporting our current system, either.

Comment Re:Want to find your car in a parking lot? (Score 1) 301

I concur... I work in a city of ~30,000 and park in public parking every day. Depending on the daily traffic & parking situation (it's a college town, game days bring in an extra 100,000+ people) I can park anywhere in a 2 mile radius containing thousands of parking spots. Me and hundreds of other restaurant workers (admittedly not the brightest bunch) find our cars every day.

Make an effort people. Your car is probably your 1st or 2nd most valuable possession. Write it on your hand if you need to... it's not that hard.

Comment This ability was built in to their system... (Score 1) 58

This ability (choosing specific seats, not Facebook integration) was built into their POS systems at least since '99. Back then I worked in a record store with a Ticketmaster terminal, and you could definitely look for specific seats. You needed a detailed floor plan of the venue, since the terminal was ASCII, but you could do it.

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