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Comment Re:But asbestos is fine! (Score 0) 168

My grandfather smoked, yet his death was declared to be a cause of asbestosis, unrelated to smoking.

I'm guessing the study parent alluded to may have found that the exposure to asbestos greatly increased the miners' susceptibility to lung damage via cigarettes... I'll have to investigate this and confirm it.
Moral of the story, asbestos and smoking are both bad, and you should avoid both. I smoked from age 13-19, and now years later still have some problems with endurance running, but my lungs seem infinitely better than they were when I smoked. If anyone reads this and wants to quit, check out Allen Carr's "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" - the book is great but the video is excellent and was a tremendous help in my efforts to quit... There might be an .iso floating around on the intertubes if you feel like hunting ;)

Comment Re:Wow, evolution (Score 0, Troll) 453

Don't feed the trolls :P
I'm a Christian and believe in creation; moreover I believe that no scientific experiment will prove once-and-for-all either the existence of God or the non-existence of God, because there will always be men who take the results of experiments and adapt them to fit their preconceptions, according to cognitive dissonance. Sadly there are many wierd types that stand up and denounce scientific results as being incorrect without first checking the evidence... But I must assert that mankind will never achieve Godhead, contrary to what Oprah Winfrey and other nutty new-age types would have you think.
I'm obviously no scientist, but given your references to quantum physics and subatomic particles I'll wager that you are a great deal more familiar with the cold hard facts than I am, so I'll ask you a question: Can you give an example of a genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the information in the genome?

Thieves Take the Cake 91

Two very hungry German couriers ate a fruit cake destined for a German newspaper and in its place mailed a box of credit card data. The data including names, addresses and card transactions ended up at the Frankfurter Rundschau daily. The mix-up triggered an alarm, and police advised credit card customers with Landesbank Berlin to check their accounts for inconsistencies. Fruitcake must be different in Germany for people to want to use it as something other than a paperweight.
The Internet

The Wackiest Technology Tales of 2008 97

coondoggie writes "Despite the daily drumbeat of new and improved hardware or software, the tech industry isn't all bits and bytes. Some interesting things happen along the way too. Like floating data centers, space geekonauts, shape shifting robots and weird bedfellows (like Microsoft and Jerry Seinfeld). What we include here is an example of what we thought were the best, slightly off-center stories of 2008."

Slashdot's Disagree Mail 135

This installment of Disagree Mail highlights a man's concern about illegal cloning in the Hollywood community, a guy who is sick of US imperialism and his low karma, and an example of the kind of people you don't want as roommates in college. Read below to find out just how crazy, angry and irresponsible it gets.

Technical Specs Released For Aussie Net Filtering 231

smallkathryn writes "Technical specifications have just been released for the Australian net filtering trial. The trial, which aims to prove that ISP-level filtering is a viable way to stop 'unwanted content' from reaching users, will go live on 24 December. The trial will involve ISPs choosing a commercially available hardware filter from an internet content filter (ICF) vendor, adding it to their networks, then loading the blacklist of unwanted sites. Still no indication of how peer-to-peer information will be addressed."
The Almighty Buck

Persistence Pays Off With Israel's First Windows Refund 84

As Niv Lilian reports at Ynet News, Haifa (and the Haifa Linux Club)'s Zvi Devir just preferred to run Linux rather than the pre-installed Windows on his newly bought Dell computer, and didn't want to pay for the unwanted Windows system. Now Devir has prevailed, after a fight in Israeli small-claims court, to become the first Israeli to obtain a Windows refund (also in Hebrew), winning the $137 that Windows added to the cost of his machine and escaping the nondisclosure agreement that Dell had wanted him to abide by as a condition. Perhaps others will follow his lead. Update: 12/03 23:02 GMT by T : Zvi Devir wrote with an update: "BTW, the settlement was out of court, before any court sessions took place."

Oil Exploration Leads To Video of a Mysterious Elbowed Squid 256

eldavojohn writes "A rare glimpse from Shell Oil of a giant squid brings to light the strange relationships some deep sea marine biologists have with drilling companies. The video of the squid (Magnapinna) is very rare as this creature remains largely a mystery to science. While some are concerned of a conflict of interest, biologists and big oil sure make for strange bedfellows. The video is from 200 miles off the coast of Houston, TX and about 4,000 feet down." Looking at this creature gives me the willies, frankly.

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