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Comment Re:Transcription. (Score 1, Troll) 183

I don't see it as a slashvertisement. I see it as a cry for help.

Does Timothy have some kind of disorder? Is he trying to draw attention to otherwise unnoticed severe autism? I don't think normal people would like to be associated with wearing an unflattering garment that they then burden with all of their possessions. Perhaps we can get Timothy and others like him some help before they fall out of society.

Comment Re:Hmmmmm (Score 1) 421

Unfortunately, my original point was not to misdirect the bullet but to blind it. You try detecting modulation in a field of sensor-overloading laser dots.

Also, sorry for short-linking. Yes, it's a habit from being forced to on forums that don't allow linking code and break long URLs into pieces.

Comment Re:Steven Spielburg? (Score 0) 225

Shit reviewer can't spell eminent director's name. Shit reviewer refers to low-budget, panned sci-fi and a foreign cartoon that only has cowboys in the name when talking about an unrelated movie. Shit reviewer doesn't actually summarize his review. Did he like it? Is saying it's not like Firefly good, or bad? Just kidding, we know you think Firefly is the epitome of cinema. We just know you're also wrong.

Shit reviewer should stop reviewing.

Comment Re:They tried this already. (Score 1) 248

Not only been tried, it's unnecessary.

Commercial crops aren't pollinated by honeybees alone. There are many insects responsible for insect pollination. Not to mention that most crops are pollinated manually by pureeing male plants and spraying them on the others.

This situation is a typical example of so-called in-the-know bloggers making completely false claims due to ignorance. Slashdot: so very, very average.

Comment Re:Ten points if reading this on your second monit (Score 1) 1002

You speak the truth brother. At home I have two 22" on either side with a vertical 24" in the middle and a 15" tucked into the side of my case. I'm still trying to work out how to integrate the 50" plasma, but for now it's in front of the couch for movies and gaming.

At work, two screens BARELY suffices.

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