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Comment Re: Smoking Man (Score 1) 117

You make an interesting point saying that it's in valve's interest to not compete with other developers and publishers. I hadn't thought of that point.

I think that one other thing which would potentially see a HL3 would be if the users started abandoning steam. This falls into the "undermine their business model" category you listed above. If steam were to start losing market share (say to GOG's galaxy platform or something else) then I think we'd be likely to see a HL3 as a desperation "we need money" move.

Until then, valve are happy to just keep letting the money rolling in and shitting on the fanboys who got them where they are.

Comment from Gabe Newel in 2015:

We aren't going to go all retro because there are too many interesting things that have been learned. The only reason we would go back and do a 'super classic' kind of product is if a whole bunch of people internally at Valve said they wanted to do it, and had a reasonable explanation for why it was.

Which sounds like marketer-speak for "we don't give a shit anymore, we have steam now. Eat a dick."

Comment Re:Am I smelling astroturf? (Score 1) 294

Well, what do I switch to, then, haters? Do you have a better solution? I need a browser that offers this:

I think that's a lot of the reason for all the hate: there isn't really a better solution - there isn't anything else which does all that. Browsers suck, and still (despite mozilla's efforts) at this moment in time firefox sucks the least.

However that's changing. We don't hate mozilla just because haters gonna hate, we hate what they're doing to the least-sucky browser - they're making it suck more and more, where we tend to think that it should be going in the opposite direction (less crappy, not more crappy; more features, not less). And by making firefox more sucky, they're screwing us because there's no better alternative at the moment. If there was a better alternative, we'd all just move to a different browser and not care what they do with firefox.

But as it is firefox is getting closer and closer to feature parity with chrome every day. And when the day finally comes where it's only as useful as chrome, a bunch of people are going to jump ship because firefox is way slower and more bloated than chrome (it just is, e.g chrome runs javascript way way way faster). On that day chrome will suddenly be the least-sucky browser, and people like me will switch to it.

Comment Re:Interesting, but.. (Score 1) 381

This question was asked during the press conference. They're thinking of using a small laser to transmit back , reflecting it off the solar sail. Apparently the ground-based laser system back here on earth can also be used as a telescope (with much more power than anything we have), allowing them to detect a relatively faint signal. They think they may be able to get bandwidth in the kilobits using this method. One comment made about this is that at such a distance it's easy to aim your signal at earth - just aim it at the sun.

Yes, they have thought of it and yes it's one of the challenges on their list.

In terms of collisions, the plan is to be able to produce them cheaply, so it's easy to send many. redundancy is achieved by sending multiple ships rather than having redundant systems on one ship.

Comment Re:Excessive regulation (Score 1) 178

Great, when you invent future vision so nobody ever sells products that turn out to be crap, let me know.

It's really not that difficult: you test products before you sell them, and you don't overstate your claims about how capable they are. Also, you can look at the number of returns you've had compared with the number you've sold and get a failure rate from that. Based on this, you can make your claims more accurate.

But, again, as a retailer, it's not a big deal, because you can just return the defective products to the manufacturer you bought them from, since you're covered by the same consumer protections. Something from my previous post which you seem to have completely ignored.

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