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Comment Re:Got this wrong.. (Score 1) 1184

Yea, when the bar across the street from me closes a bunch of presumably drunk harley riders feel the need to go full throttle down the street past my apartment. Real classy, I had a harley with a touch loud mufflers for a while and I barely used the throttle if I was in a residential area after dark. I just have the stock system on my fz1, don't see a need for anything else. I've been pulled over for "loud exhaust" on a bone stock sportbike but no cops ever batted an eye (or ear I guess) at my louder-than-legal-but-not-SUPER-obnoxious harley. Makes perfect sense to me...

I need one of those shirts that says "If loud pipes save lives imagine what learning to ride that thing could do."

Comment Re:Hate to put a damper on the celebration (Score 3, Interesting) 594

Unless a LOT has changed in the last few expansions, they didn't leak enough. Huge amounts of quests and integral spells did not work on privates last time I tried to play on one (admittedly during vanilla). These were things people definitely wanted to work but couldn't make happen, not your standard mods of xp and gold amounts.

Comment Re:U.S. is established on religion, so (Score 1) 900

As commonly used, atheism doesn't have a core belief structure. Eugenics certainly isn't a requirement. You seem to have assigned atheism as the worship of evolution, when really it is just the rejection of deities. Evolution is just the current best explanation for differing species, not a goal to be worked toward.

Comment Re:So.. (Score 1) 268

I do sys/net admin at a highschool that has promethian boards. We have quite a few different models due to acquiring them over time. They waste a fair amount of the help desk's time due to getting disconnected constantly and requiring someone to go help the teacher get them reconnected. Blue tooth ones seem to be the worst. It is possible we have a shit setup or exceptionally stupid teachers, I don't really deal directly with either (boards or teachers) so I'm not really sure if there is something we are doing to cause the high amount of disconnects.

Comment Re:Shows how little you understand about money (Score 1) 103

I know a fair number of gamers and none have every complained about not having a single player mode in an MMO. Kinda would defeat the entire purpose of the genre don't you think?

Add another vote from me for $15/mo rather than Free2Pay(in smaller chunks).

Not saying they don't exist, but I've yet to meet anyone (that has an income capable of paying their owning gaming costs) that prefers micropayments over subscriptions.

The game would suck ass (even more? haven't played for over a year) if it was single player, so even if that was an option it would be worthless if the servers were shutdown. At risk of sounding like your quote, it seems like you haven't played for very long if you think there is much (fun) to be had solo. On the bright side, if you like being a courier (90% of questing), people will actually pay you to do that IRL.

Comment Re:Battle? (Score 1) 734

That is an interesting thing to suspect. I have never had nor seen anyone on any street in my neighborhood have a usps package left on the curb at their mailbox. Mine are always left between the screen door and front door if small enough, or outside the screen door on the top step if not.

Maybe it is up the mail carrier but I have never seen that. When I have gotten packages at apartments they have never left them at the mailboxes either, always inside the building just outside my units door or at the complexes concierge if one exists.

Comment Re:Paid customer services are a pain (Score 1) 413

This. This is the single event in my mind that significantly changed the average players outlook on the game. The honor system is the second. World PVP and BGs prior to the honor system (even after to some extent, but prior to cross-realm) were the most fun in the game. Guild vs Guild to prove who was the best. No one surrendered flags to end the game cause it is more points/hour to lose fast than win slow or any of that crap. You were there for the long haul and there to win. Also, the amount of dickbags was much lower due to the fact that if you pissed off your realm enough you couldn't meaningfully play. Now you just do whatever you want, act like an ass 24/7 BG or 5man and who cares? There are 4 other idiots you've never met before that will be more than happy to deal with your bullshit after waiting 45minutes for a tank.

At the end of wrath I hardly knew what guilds on my realm on my faction were good let alone what guilds on the other faction were. Who cares? You don't really have to interact with anyone on your own realm.

Accidentally posted as AC

Comment Re:Turn the damn thing off (Score 1) 324

Did you bother to read the article at all? It isn't off at all is the entire point. Put your hand on it when it is "off" and when it is on, it is just as hot 24/7 no matter what you are doing. Hell, by default FIOS boxes run a full screen "screen saver" that says push menu to turn on. As far as I can tell, and confirmed by this article, the only difference is the brightness of the power led on the front of the box. The long boot times are referring to time from a cold boot (unplugged state with most/all US cable boxes), not from changing the output from screen saver to tv show.

Comment Re:How about heating and airconditioning? (Score 1) 324

I just got a FIOS install 3 weeks ago and all the boxes are hot to the touch 24/7. They are newer and smaller than the ones at my parents house (and lack the channel/time display on the front which is an annoying feature to drop imo) which exhibit the exact same hot all the time behavior. Point being that they can't even use that excuse as the new ones are still doing the same thing.

Comment Re:Very well written (Score 1) 505

Your anecdote is representative of all school districts in the US... or not.

In the district I work for teachers make significantly more than the average citizen paying their wages, went on strike this year over salary and healthcare costs (which they already pay significantly less than the average citizen). Oh, you know what else they were striking about. The district wanted to add 2 days of training to their year. You know during the time the people paying their salary are still working and they are on a 3 month vacation.

Top that off with them being nasty to tech staff (we are "administration") since they don't have a contract. Yea, you will really gain my support by a) getting paid double what I make to fail at your job while making mine harder, b) pay half what I pay for healthcare, c) work 3/4 of the time I do, d) be nasty to me in the process of crying about your horrible plight that is significantly better than mine. And they wonder why citizens are lining up at board meetings telling the board not to budge on the strike and showing up and the picket lines heckling teachers.


I'm sure neither of the districts we are talking about are unique, but it will take a lot before I'm crying for the overall collective of teachers.

Comment Re:Lame excuse - improving traffic safety (Score 1) 204

I seriously doubt this is a real time feed. I didn't get that impression anyway. 1. Buy GPS data. 2. Place speed camera where you already know a huge amount of people regularly speed based on historic GPS data you recently purchased. 3. ??? 4. Profit As if there was anyone left that didn't understand yet that the traffic cops' primary job is revenue collection rather than traffic safety this ought to help pound it through their skull.

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