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Comment Re:Because everyone needs to be able to code... (Score 1) 178

"If you want to have a certain level of quality..."

How did that work out for the UAW? Oh, American auto quality was crap, and they had to be bailed out.
How's that working for the teachers union? Oh, public education is wonderful, isn't it?
How's that working out for sports players unions? Oh, we have wife beaters, and dog fighters, and roid rage, but it's all good.

If you're in tech and getting "walked over", there are plenty of companies hiring that won't do it. Move on.

Comment Re:Because everyone needs to be able to code... (Score 1) 178

Doesn't it really depend upon if we're talking about software engineering, or we're just talking about basic coding? There's a huge difference between the two that the majority of people outside the industry just don't understand. And I know, coders need to be properly trained to avoid insecure code, and they should also be trained to write reusable, maintainable, well commented code. But, if a designer (I'm talking about large project work) hands off some pseudo-code to a coder, it should be trivial for them to implement, and code reviews should catch any gaping holes.

Comment Re:How about teaching kids to type first? (Score 1) 178

Also, don't call it "keyboarding", call it "typing". When you use your oven, it's not called "ovening".

Well, it used to be done on typewriters, and now it's done on keyboards. I'm not a fan of "keyboarding", but maybe "keying" would have been appropriate, except that word was already taken for marking up someone's car.

Comment Re:Better to spend on education than salaries (Score 1) 178

"Tech's problem is that it doesn't have strong unions and advocacy groups" /yawn. If you're in tech, and having trouble finding a job, then GTFO because you're clearly not capable. Show me someone in tech that's having trouble finding a decent paying job, and I'll show you an incompetent "tech". I've been in the industry for 40+ years, and hire plenty of good techs at good wages. Want to "fix" tech?...

We need lawmakers to stop companies from the H1B madness.
We need to put an end to the huge debt load we're weighing down kids going through college.
We need a national solution to the lack of pensions, and shitty 401ks.
We need a national solution to immigration and healthcare.
We need term limits and money/lobbyists out of government influence.

I could go on. Your unions and advocacy groups aren't going to fix this. And, for whatever it's worth, I'm a fiscal conservative who believes in smaller government.

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1) 474

It clearly devalued the reputation of Nobel. The committee clearly bought into the whole "hope and change" BS, and should be ashamed of themselves for the selection of someone who had done noting at that point. They clearly hadn't learned their lesson from...

" Johannes Fibiger was awarded the 1926 Prize for Physiology or Medicine for his purported discovery of a parasite that caused cancer" ... quote from Wikipedia

Comment Re:What about Scheme? (Score 1) 163

That's how it got into Apple, but it continued to be promoted by Apple mainly in the interest of developer lock-in.

Or maybe the people developing the tools were the same people who did it at Next, and so it was the expedient thing to do? Apple was nearly broke that the time. They were in no position to "lock in" anyone.
Of course Apple, like any large large business, would prefer that their customers were locked in. But this is not an example nor evidence of it.

Comment Re:Why can't there be an open phone? (Score 1) 424

The problem is that nobody goes after manufacturers that violate the GPL. If Google were to put their money where their mouth is, they should pursue ALL the manufacturers that refuse to release the GPL code to their Android software.

Here are some of the big GPL violators: Amlogic MINIX Samsung HTC ...

What would that accomplish? The only thing that you could get is whatever kernel modifications they've made. Do you really think there's a lot of really innovative kernel work being done by those players? And, AFAIK, they do publish the kernel changes to comply with the GPL. Samsung and HTC do, anyway. I'm not sure about the smaller ones.

The rest of Android is under the Apache2 license, so OEMs have no obligation to publish their changes. Not even to Google.

Comment Re: Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1) 474

Quite obvious regarding statute. SCOTUS doesn't need either of these cases to take it up, and may never do so if they already agree with existing rulings. It's unfortunate that I'll partially agree with you, but I'm not that jaded to say they're "only occasionally guided by law". I think they are for the most part, but they've also become very political...or already where when chosen.

Comment Re:Making America great again (Score 1) 124

What do people mean when they say "make America great again"?

I think most of those people actually mean "I want the world to revert back to how it was X years ago". With X depending on personal experiences.

Of course, that's impossible.

Very true. And I think what Trump is thinking of when he says it is the greatness of the captains of industry, like Rockefeller, Sinclair, Carnegie, etc., with himself and his friends in the leading roles.

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