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Submission + - XBMC4Xbox 3.3 Released ( 4

ExoBuZz writes: Dust off your old Xbox!

After a years development, the most popular home theatre software for the original XBox has reached a new milestone with the release of version 3.3. Improvements include the Confluence Lite skin (as with XBMC), updated playback code and ffmpeg libraries, better support for upgraded 128MB Xboxs, HLS streaming support, improved MythTV support, as well as many other improvements and changes. Full details in the release announcement.

Comment Re:A couple things that kept me from upgrading... (Score 0) 791

1. The default UI was Metro.
2. They took my start button away.
3. Multi Monitor support was changed (Task bar now goes across all monitors).

While not major, it's still very annoying.

I know you can get utilities/hacks, etc... to fix this, but I shouldn't have to. At the minimum, they should have given options to turn them back on, even if they were off by default. So now they are trying to force their way of doing things on me.

Maybe they'll do better with Windows 9...but for now Windows 7 for me.

1. Windows now boots to the "start menu"? It's a click or key press back to your precious desktop.
2. It's still there, just not wasting as much screen space any more.
3. It's one click to change this (my second monitor has no task bar).

Windows 8 has some nice improvements over Win7, granted some people can't deal with the new way of using it. I guess you don't remember Windows 95 coming out as that made a much bigger jump than the 7-8 changes. At least 99% of Windows 7 software runs on 8 with no problems, getting DOS programs to work on 95 was a PITA most of the time.

Comment Re:When you do things that are bad (Score 1) 471

That was then. This is now. Apple is already in decline. People are annoyed at the things Apple will not allow. The iPhone 5 is not quite the wait-in-line-for-weeks thing that its predecessors were.

Yes, this. When I purchased my iPhone 4 it was brilliant, and at the time Android really did suck balls. But the iPhone 4s/5 isn't that different really than the 4 so why upgrade? I did upgrade in the end to a Galaxy S3 and it stands out now like the iP4 when it came out.

Apple haven't just dropped the ball, they have lost it down a drain as well.

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 349

Ask yourself, really - just how much do you use those pieces of software (and are 5 members of your household actually going to need Word, Excel, etc. specifically)? What would happen if you stopped paying one year because you run into financial trouble (usually = lose your rights to cheap upgrades or even the subscription itself)? Also, in a year's time, are those 5 licensed PC's going to be still running and/or can you move those licenses to 5 OTHER PC's when they stop working?

For a lot of the home users that come to me (even from private school pupil's parents, etc.), a lot of the friends and relatives that ask, etc. then even a one-off $99 wouldn't be worth it.

We use it heaps! I am a full time CS Student, my Wife is a part time student and the kids use it occasionally. I have given Libre Office/Open Office the benefit of the doubt and tried it for a month or so last year, it just didn't work for us. The beauty of the $100pa licence is its almost per user not per PC, so you can move it to new PCs when you get them. At the moment to get this privilege you have to pay extortionate retail licence fees.

Comment Awesome! (Score 1) 349

That's brilliant value for my house. To quote Ars "For $99.99/year, there's Office 365 Home Premium, giving Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access, plus an extra 20 GB of SkyDrive storage (in addition to the 7 GB that you get for free), plus 60 minutes of Skype calls per month. This is licensed on a per-household basis, and one account can be shared by up to 5 users across any mixture of five PCs and Macs." 5 licenses of OEM Office Pro (a subset of the above) @ $290 each that die with the PC or $100pa for 5 users with upgrades to hardware and Office. It's a no brainer!

Comment Re:I had this issue (Score 1) 415

Ebook readers aren't great for PDFs, but they are leagues ahead of tablets for reading textbooks. I'd leave it another couple of years until ebooks really get all the wrinkles ironed out, then get an ebook reader. I have a nook and I can store tens of thousands of quality books in there at less than the weight of a paperback.

Yup. I had a tablet that I tried reading on, but it's a nightmare. It's a 10" so it's too big, too bright at night and too heavy (mainly when I fall asleep and drop it on the Wife's noggin!). I love it for PDF's and comics though.

On the other hand my Kindle (non touch) is awesome for books. Whisper sync is great as well for when I wake up in middle of the night, I just continue reading on my iPhone.

Comment Re:It's Not A Bet... (Score 0) 362

On the other hand, the advances they've made to the core of the OS are very nice. Once you get to the desktop, as long as you create shortcuts for the stuff you use a lot, it is fine. But that new UI is definitely not for large screens.

And that is why MS took this path with the start menu. Their "telemetry" has show that most people pin their most used programs, and rarely use the start menu. I know we all do in this house. That's also why DVD playback/MCE is now an addon, MS where paying for codec licenses that were not getting used. I have been using Win8 all this year on my laptop, which get's connected to a 23" when I am at my desk and love it. Granted some of the ModernUI apps look a bit silly on the 23" but most of them are quite OK on the 15" laptop screen with the touchpad/mouse. My kids (6-12yo) currently have the RP on their computers and love it. They have had no dramas finding anything and have had a great time customising everything. The whole idea of the app store is great, my 6yo can download free (and for the moment, malware vetted) apps and I don't have to worry as much what they are doing to his computer. Yes I do keep an eye what he is downloading :-) All in all once the FUD distributors get shot down I think Windows 8 will be a winner. I know I am looking forward to getting a Win8 tablet and phone to go with my laptop for a nice unified environment.

Comment Re:Still? (Score 2) 145

He said torrent not iTunes.

And the difference is? The phone is still acquiring new content in the background while playing existing content in the foreground. It's just using different apps/methods. I would hate to think what torrents would do to your battery with the amount of CPU/networking effort required vs iTunes which is simple HTTP.

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