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Submission + - Amazon Tries to De-Expose Exposed Frauds?

Antaeus Feldspar writes: The man who called himself Binjamin Wilkomirski told a dramatic and harrowing account in his book Fragments: Memories of a Wartime Childhood 1939-1948, of how he survived internment in two Nazi concentration camps during World War II when he was as young as two. Unfortunately for him, his widely-praised account was exposed as a hoax; instead of being a Jewish child who was adopted after the war, he was the child of an unwed mother who was adopted before the war and spent it in relative comfort.

A look at Amazon's page for the book, however, will reveal none of this. The glittering reviews published when the book first came out are there; the five-star user reviews calling it "an incredible account of a torturous childhood" are there. The one user review which refers to the exposure of the hoax, however, has clearly been censored. The first sentence now reads "It was discovered by the publisher (Schoken) that this book was ... presented as the memoire of a Holocaust survivor." Obviously, the publisher knew that the book was presented as the memoir of a Holocaust survivor when they published it as one; why did someone at Amazon decide that potential buyers of the book should have withheld from them what the publishers actually discovered, that the book wasn't what it was presented as?

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