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Comment The bozo filter (Score 2, Interesting) 606

I went to MIT in the early 80's, when interest in CS was exploding and the CS department was heavily oversubscribed. The introductory class taught LISP and Algol and was used to weed the applicants for a CS major down to something the department might have some hope of coping with. Additionally, if you switched majors, this was the only department that didn't allow you to switch back.

Towards the end of my stay there other departments started operating their own basic CS class so that one could learn the rudiments needed to function in other engineering disciplines without having to devote one's life to CS arcana. This helped to take the pressure off the CS school.

Comment Re:Conference room chairs? (Score 1) 369

I can't help it. I eat continuously. It's the only way I can keep weight on.

And I have a cat. Shedding is a major threat to my keyboard. (It also drives mouse lasers crazy.)

So I have to periodically disassemble the keyboard and wash the plastic parts under hot soapy water.

The mouse area tends to get worse, because of the constant abrasion of my palm against the desk surface. So I keep a spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol and a washcloth to regularly clean the area, the bottom of the mouse, and the key tops.

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