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Journal Journal: January 30, 2002

Today, I start fulfilling my New Years Resolution. To start writing a daily journal. Most of my resolutions have already started out badly, but I sure tried hard.

Today I talk about me.

I am 24, recently married, and expecting my first child in September. I am a rather new employee of the University of South Dakota, although I have been working there as a student since 1998.

Marrying was one of the better things for me to do. It helped me get a fresh start in life, away from the familial problems that have followed me all my life.

I am a self taught computer guru guy, with my current interests being network security and monitoring. I almost have my Masters in Computer Science, although a single incomplete assignment is dogging me.

I have worked all my life on Microsoft systems, so I feel at home on Windows. Although this ordinarily is not something to be proud of (especially on this site), my experience (more than any of my coworkers) in Microsoft and my open attitude towards everything has helped me to quickly gain the trust of several layers of managers above me.

That's enough about me. Journals are about feelings and questions and the events that caused them.

Anyway, gotta go. Wife's home.

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Journal Journal: Aaahh...

I see now.

Public journal, with comments optional!

That way if I have a question that I want to pose to my friends, they all can weigh in on it.

Cool idea guys. Sorta like our own little Slashdot that only our friends can use!

Kick Ass!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Hi.

Interesting. I've never seen this before. but it looks like it's pretty cool. Kind of a public diary, or just a way to spread one's opinions around.

There are no instructions, no suggestions, no real restrictions either. So, I could put anarchist comments and recipes for bombs up and what would happen to them?

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