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Comment Re:Boo hoo for the dinosaurs (Score 1) 278

To me this only seems a step or two beyond running a book through a thesaurus and passing it off as your own. I think this is the first pro-copyright story I've ever agreed with. From wikipedia, on derivative works: "For copyright protection to attach to a later, allegedly derivative work, it must display some originality of its own. It cannot be a rote, uncreative variation on the earlier, underlying work. The latter work must contain sufficient new expression, over and above that embodied in the earlier work for the latter work to satisfy copyright law’s requirement of originality." That sounds like a reasonable rule to me.

This thing actually uses the original textbook as an input, and then produces an output that is as close as possible without being the same. How is that in any way original or adding new expression? "The Wind Done Gone" was banned (which I think was wrong), and it was far more creative than this process.

Comment Re:Disagree (Score 1) 316

Porn has not damaged my marriage. But I guess it's just one of those transient unstable 12-year relationships in which we have a child.

Maybe you should look at how you wrote "addicted" and realize that the problem could have been literally anything. He could have been addicted to WoW, Harry Potter, whatever, and it would have still destroyed his family.

Comment Re:Error My Ass (Score 1) 1005

If I think I see a drug deal going down, I don't arm myself, go ask them what they're doing, and then get off the hook when I have to shoot and kill three people. That would be ridiculous, and pave the way for all sorts of vigilante murders.

If Zimmerman believed this kid was going to cause problems, he shouldn't have left his car or approached at all. He called the police already and they recommended he stay away.

It's hard to believe he's not at least charged with manslaughter. If he was actually out looking for a fight, I would easily call it murder.

Comment Re:Impound all servers... (Score 2) 375

Exactly. If I had the inclination (and access to child porn) I could probably put child porn on half the servers on the internet. It wouldn't be hard to write up something that automates it and uploads CP in every file field it crawls online, or even just post a base-64 encoded version in the comment fields of any site that doesn't allow file uploads. In fact, that would be even better, because in your typical CMS, text content is just marked as deleted but actually kept there forever.

I wouldn't be surprised if half the webservers on the internet didn't already have CP on them in exactly the same fashion. Even after moderating an image it's generally not deleted (in fact, isn't that technically illegal? You find someone uploaded CP to your server and delete it, you've just destroyed evidence in a crime).

So basically, any server at any time can be taken for claims of CP.

But then, that's pretty much exactly what prosecutors want.

Comment Re:Autism is bullshit; No, only the AC is ... (Score 1) 398

Ah, see, you've got it all wrong. "Autistic" these days means a child who is either shy or sometimes misbehaves. It also simultaneously means Rain Man, so that they can paint their child as a gifted indigo child on a higher plane of reality.

I feel an overwhelming urge to scream at anyone who says "I think I/my child might have a bit of autism/asperger's" because they clearly have no clue what it's actually like to have either one.

I think the reason so many people love the term "spectrum" now is that when they're called on their bullshit, they can still claim that they do have asperger's, just on the high-functioning end of the spectrum.

Comment Re:structure not code (Score 1) 164

Yeah, but the problem is, most people don't even know (metaphorically) which pedal to push to make the car go faster, or if they do, they have no idea how fast the car is capable of going, how to refill the gas, change a flat tire, or how much any of the above or the car itself should even cost.

Anyone who is serious about advancing in their field should try to learn the basics of modern technology. They don't need to learn protocols or server architecture, but they should learn a bit ABOUT them.

Comment Re:Python? (Score 1) 164

As someone with a degree in CS doing web development, I agree completely. I got a job doing it during during high school and then shortly after graduating college I moved but went freelance rather than finding a real "CS job", because I already had the contacts and work coming in.

I have been seeing more and more of what the article is talking about, however, and I'm loving it. I no longer feel any guilt about having to bill my hourly rate for intern-level work, because most of the intern-level work (CSS, html, configuring a CMS) is now being handled by the clients themselves. So, instead of spending 80% of my time doing what feels like overpriced demeaning grunt work, I can refocus my energies on creating new interesting things for clients, things that actually flex my brain and make me feel good.

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