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Comment Re:Oh no what an awful accident (Score 1) 111

Haven't had your coffee yet?

The story is about your phone sending your personal data to some 3rd party, not about your phone downloading stuff from some 3rd party. Who has to encrypt and who has to decrypt there?

The only way to "secure" that somehow is to have some unique (and unpredictable) secret token burned into each phone, and derive the encryption key from it. The IMEI or serial number won't cut it.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 70

Because it does?

The second exploit relies on mysqld_safe (sic) being run as root, otherwise the whole thing falls flat: you can make error_log a symlink to /etc/ as much as you like, but you won't be able to chown the latter and overwrite it.

Comment Re:Reason (Score 2) 106

If you prefer not to give your phone number to Google, don't.

You can no longer do that.

I just tried setting up a gmail address -- it won't work unless I give them a phone number.

And for an old address that you set up before this policy, they have the nice habit of blocking pop3s/smtps access from time to time, forcing you to login via web through a page where they pester you again about adding a phone number

Because of that wanton blocking I can no longer trust to use my gmail address for any serious stuff, and unlike with my phone number, there's no EU directive to force them to port it to another provider ;-)

Comment Re:Access to evidence (Score 1) 103

Because the Turkish government changed course since then

At the time of the Ergenekon affair, the gulenist were calling the shots and were setting up cangoroo courts for those perceived as their opponents; now it's their turn on the other end of the stick, and some lucky victims may be rehabilitated.

It's like that succession of show trials, purges, 'mistakes were made', and purges of purgers in Stalin's and Hrushchev's time.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 156

The funny thing is that with flashblock I could easily prevent videos, audios and animations from auto-playing; with html5 I can't, unless I block all javascript, which makes most news sites completely unusable. Call that progress.

They should have mandated from the start that videos/audios together with their controlling scripts, must be segregated into their own iframes, tagged accordingly.

Comment Re:32-bit visual studio (Score 1) 359

The C standard requires that all data pointers be the same size.

In fact that's incorrect. The only requirement is that any data pointer could be converted to void* and back without loss. Posix assumes that a function pointer too could be converted to void* and back, which is not guaranteed by the C standard.

Comment Re:32-bit visual studio (Score 1) 359

There's no requirement in the sizeof(long *) == sizeof(void *) either.

Yes, there is. The C standard requires that all data pointers be the same size.

It's sizeof(void*) == sizeof(void(*)(void)) ie 'function pointers are just data pointers" that's absolutely not guaranteed, though there are many programs and interfaces that make this assumption (eg dlsym(3)).

Comment Re:Let's welcome Windows out of the stone age (Score 1) 260

According to Posix, the absolute largest this define can be is 256 (fortunately, Linux ignores this and goes for 4096).

Have you actually read that POSIX doc?

256 is the smallest acceptable value for PATH_MAX, not the largest.


Most interfaces than return paths (eg. readlink(2), getcwd(3)) take a buffer and a length as arguments, and return an error if the buffer is too short, so most of the time you can allocate the buffers dynamically and completely ignore any system specific limits.

Comment Re: Not wrong (Score 2) 436

This judge didn't say "sounds odd to me" or "*I* do not understand" or "you lost me at this part..." and it drives me a little nuts.

But in this case, the judge is right. A recursive acronym does not make much sense. Or, to put it another way, it only makes sense as a joke.

Maybe the judge was trolling a little bit too -- just like asking a catholic why he has to eat his saviour's flesh

Comment Re:Napoleon (Score 1) 215

Napoleon was the best general in the world because he bought the Newspapers.

Where did you get this from?

Is this one of those glib cloying memes and false quotes shared on facebook?

Or are you just confusing the real Napoleon (who beat the shit out of all reactionaries) with his pathetic nephew, Napoleon III? -- they have as much in common as Odessa, TX with the Black Sea city & port.

Comment Re:Go ahead and commit suicide Europe (Score 2) 491

Yeah, go ahead and commit suicide Europe.

The funny thing is that you're repeating one of his slogans.

For those who ignore it, Breivik was not a mass killer for kicks, but a terrorist with well-defined beliefs about impending "suicide of Europe" through "cultural marxism", "political correctness" and "islamization". And in his eyes, his victims were not innocent children, but something like the next crop of brainwashed SJWs.

Comment Re:Is this still true? (Score 1) 391

USB keyboards can even interact with UAC prompts, even when presented on the Secure Desktop where software input emulation has no effect.

Couldn't they at least flush the keyboard buffer between user prompts?

That used to be the standard procedure on ancient terminal programs; you couldn't drive interactive programs by just sending the strings and hoping for the best; hence the need for programs like chat or expect.

Anyways, the idea that you could reliably drive a gui without reading the screen in some way or another is quite baffling; I wonder how robust those exploits are -- unlike e-mail malware or remote exploits, a 1% percent rate of success for a physical device (that the use is supposed to stick in his computer god knows when and how frequenty) doesn't sound like something to be too excited about.

Comment Re: Improving the world (Score 1) 72

Would the world have paid any attention to her if she were not a woman?


There are no shortage of ugly, soul destroying buildings and public artwork out there.

Exactly. A lot of of architects that were much more hyped that her have designed things that are worse both from a pedestrian/user/sufferer and from a high-brow artistic point of view.

wish we would award prizes to people who enhance our civilization and not debase it, but my hope won't result in change.

That's very fortunate. We've already had geeks that tried to tried to eradicate the 'degenerate' art and then force their yokel's tastes upon everybody.

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